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AGCO Parts, NA Makes Waves in Customer Experience

Picture of Jennifer McMahan (Whitfield), Director of Customer Experience for AGCO Parts, NA

Jennifer McMahan (Whitfield), Director of Customer Experience for AGCO Parts, NA

AGCO Parts recently presented “Changing the Customer Experience: An AGCO Case Study,” to attendees of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) Customer Support Seminar in Milwaukee. The AEM Customer Support Seminar invites industry leaders to provide presentations, case studies and examples of technology working with dealer networks, the workforce and customers for company excellence.

Jennifer McMahan (Whitfield), Director of Customer Experience for AGCO Parts, NA, spoke to industry participants on Sept. 26 about how focusing on customer experience instead of customer service can transform an organization.

“Customer service needs to be effective, efficient and responsive since it builds your customers’ confidence in doing business with you,” said McMahan. “But, customer experience is more than just great customer service, it’s how your customers ‘feel’ about doing business with your company. It’s making sure you have the right people, the right process and the right tools to support your customers’ needs. The ultimate goal of customer experience is reached when your customers become an advocate of your brand.”

Jennifer spoke to a crowd of more than 120 industry leaders about how AGCO Parts, NA has begun to transform its customer experience system through evaluating how AGCO’s people, processes and tools are affecting the dealer network they work with, as well as their customers. “Before, we gave it our best effort and we didn’t have documented processes,” she said. “We had limited cross-functional alignment and communication — informal expectations. Our data and our systems were not aligned with our dealers.” McMahan added, “But now, we have made significant investments to create targeted performance metrics, process adherence and clearly documented expectations. We are investing in tools and systems to be better aligned with our dealers and have monthly scorecards for better transparency of information.”

Jennifer presented a pyramid with several steps to achieving customer advocacy, and noted that we still have a long way to go to truly reach the top in customer experience. But, according to the results we have seen recently, we are well on our way. In 2010, we (AGCO Parts, NA) received best-in-class awards from the North American Service-Parts Conference in recognition for its service, quality and safety.

Additionally, according to the 2011 Heavy Equipment Parts Manager Survey of agriculture and construction companies by Carlisle Research, AGCO Parts experienced a double-digit increase in overall satisfaction. In addition, overall availability satisfaction rose 10 points, and new-model availability increased 12 points, according to the survey.

“It makes a difference if you take the time to be your own customer,” concluded McMahan. She challenged the attendees to take a hard look at the way customers interface with each of their companies to encourage the same growth that AGCO Parts continues to strive toward.

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Massey Ferguson Celebrates 50 Years in Brazil

October is a very special month for Massey Ferguson. In 2011, the brand will complete 50 years of existence in Brazil and will celebrate with a series of events around the country. Check this post to see everything that was done to spruce up this commemorative month.

Massey Ferguson 50th anniversary party
Reflecting continuous investments in technology, the Massey Ferguson Canoas (RS) factory is today one of the most modern in the country. For this reason, it was chosen to receive the party’s guests to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary.

With around 700 people present, the October 6th evening was highlighted by the opportunity to relive all of Massey Ferguson’s history, as well as the historical facts and world personalities, encompassing the past, the present and the future.

Five decades of history were represented by a sensory tunnel that led the visitors down memory lane, emphasized by celebrity personalities such as: Elvis Presley, Roberto Carlos, characters from the films Hair and Saturday Night Fever, among others.

Mr. Martin Richenhagen, President, Chairman and CEO of AGCO, joined by Mr. André Carioba,  AGCO’s Senior Vice President of South America, were present at the celebration and were able to enjoy the company of Pelé, the Soccer King, and country music Daniel’s show, both Massey Ferguson clients.

The program Brands & Machines covered the party and broadcasted a video. Check it out:

Marcas e Máquinas – October 15th – Massey Ferguson 50 years in Brazil (in portuguese)

To see more pictures of the event, access Massey Ferguson Brazil’s Flickr below:

The commemorative book is full of the brand’s and its clients’ history and travels back in time, showing the significant happenings for Massey Ferguson through the decades.

Massey Ferguson’s Your History Promotion
Massey Ferguson’s Your History Promotion was a success. Carried out between February and September this year, the contest that gathered clients´s relationships stories with the brand, reached the expressive number of 693 participants in over 370 cities in Brazil.

During this period, videos were both sent to the contest site ( and captured in a booth at the main agricultural fairs in the country.

The contest winner, Lourdes T. A. Osaida, achieved a great number of votes and will travel to France with a traveling companion, where, besides the typical sight-seeings, they will visit Massey Ferguson’s factory in the country.  The Contest had over 150 thousand votes.

Looking to the future. This is just the beginning.
Forward-looking, the agricultural machinery brand, recognized by its red color, expects to extend its leadership in the tractors market and rise up ranks for the best-selling harvesters in the country. The focus on solutions of the farmer’s needs size and the proximity with the rural producer will not change.

For AGCO marketing director Fábio Piltcher, “despite the 50-year-old leadership in Brazil, Massey Ferguson concentrates its efforts in the investment in people, processes and new products, projecting toward a future of working side by side the Brazilian rural producer, which enables a promising perspective in the historical period.”

Hot Tips Offered At Local Customer Day

Massey Ferguson customers in central New South Wales, Australia recently picked up some hot tips on how to maximise the performance of their large square balers.

The Customer Day was held by local dealers Cowra Machinery Centre and Forbes Machinery Centre with approximately 60 customers in attendance that were provided with a comprehensive overview of the Massey Ferguson large square baler range.

On hand to conduct the training was John Russell, Massey Ferguson Product Manager for hay products who has been running similar customer programs for many years now.

“The main aim of the customer day is to provide customers with information that will enable them to have their balers working at top capacity come harvest time. When the hay season finally arrives, we want our customers working in the paddock and making the most of the limited time they have and providing tips on correct maintenance, preventative measures and trouble-shooting will ensure their downtime is minimised,” says John.

Part of the training which was conducted by dealership staff included an electric powered knotter system that has the same key components as the knotter system found in Massey Ferguson large square balers. “Having the knotter system on a stand enables us to show customers how the system works which in turn provides customers with an understanding of how to fix any potential knotter issues that may arise,” adds John.

In addition to the benefits for customers, the training program also provides an opportunity to meet with customers and learn more about their enterprises and gather valuable feedback on machine performance. “Running the customer days is just as important to our organisation and our dealer network as we learn more about our balers from those who are operating them in various conditions. This enables us to provide valuable feedback back to the factory and to our Service departments, “ adds John.

Feedback on the training from the customers was also very positive as they now prepare for the forthcoming hay season in Australia. “The customer day was a great success and this is largely attributed to the efforts put in by the two dealerships – Cowra Machinery Centre and Forbes Machinery Centre who have built a solid reputation for providing outstanding customer service,” adds John.

Have you ever attended a customer day in your area? What did you learn?

Behind the Scenes: A Look in Hesston Windrower Engineering

Ever ask yourself, “What were the engineers thinking when they designed this?”  Well growing up on a farm I asked myself that question a lot. To help better answer, we interviewed our WR Series Windrowers engineering design team to see exactly what they were thinking in the development of an entirely new design of windrower. Find out what new technologies they were able to incorporate into the machine and what makes the new WR Series the most advanced windrower on the market. What do you think?

Maren Lammerding

Hi, my name is Maren Lammerding and I’m from Germany. I have been an intern for AGCO Australia in Marketing since September 2011. I’m currently in my fifth semester of a combined Bachelor of International Business Law and Business Management at the University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen. Since I grew up in a small rural town I have noticed how important agriculture is to our economy and how it’s getting more and more important in the future. In addition to the fact that I need to do an internship during my study program, I chose AGCO Australia as being a perfect place to do the internship. Here I have got the chance to put into practice the knowledge I have acquired over the course of my degree and to gain new practical experiences by working abroad. Since I would like to work on an international basis in the long run I am really thankful and appreciate that AGCO Australia gives me the opportunity to do this internship.

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