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New Fendt 800 Series to debut at this year’s Australian Henty Machinery Field Days

AGCO Australia will use this year’s Henty Machinery Field Days to unveil the award-winning Fendt 800 Vario tractors, aimed at raising the stakes in the important 200hp to 280hp segment.

New Fendt 800 Series to debut in Australia at Henty Machinery Field Days

The new 800 Series models feature Fendt’s fuel-saving selective catalytic reduction (SCR) engine technology, renowned Vario CVT drive train and electronic Tractor Management System (TMS) to deliver outstanding performance and lower operating costs.

The new Fendts arrive in Australia boasting a world record for low fuel consumption. With new styling, new engines, a new cab and new operators console they provide a complete package for professional operators.

Fendt product manager Konstantin Blersch says Fendt owners know that the German-engineered tractors make sense economically and the latest technology has taken this to a new level.

“Fendt tractors are traditionally cost-effective in terms of output per hectare, and they also retain their resale value like no other brand. Now SCR technology means Fendts are even more economical to operate.

“This was proven earlier this year when the 828 Vario with an SCR engine achieved a new world record for low fuel consumption in the German DLG Powermix test. Its fuel use was measured at 245 g/kWh. That is 23 percent below the average for tractors in that class.

“All four new models in the 800 Series feature the 6.06-litre, six-cylinder Deutz SCR engine. The new models extend from the Fendt 822 Vario (220hp) up to the Fendt 828 Vario (280hp).

By treating the exhaust gases after combustion, SCR not only reduces emissions, it allows the engine to be set for optimum power and performance and that means lower fuel use.

The efficiency of this engine technology is enhanced by the Fendt Vario transmission. The Vario transmission is a hydrostatic-mechanical power split drive. With increasing speed, the share of the mechanical power transmitted through the planetary set increases giving exceptional efficiency.

The electronic TMS links the engine and transmission, and adjusts the engine rpm and travel speed automatically to ensure the tractor always operates at optimum economy.

All models have a number of new features that make work easier and more efficient. They include a panoramic cab and Variotronic operating system.

Konstantin Blersch says the cab gives outstanding visibility and lots of space to move around in.

“The 800 Series cab offers a roomy 3.5m3 work space with panoramic views and an ergonomic workstation with all controls at arms-reach.

“For the first time, all tractor controls, ISOBUS implement controls, VarioGuide auto-steering, camera connections and VarioDoc job-documentation are combined into a single 10” touch screen terminal.

“Intuitive controls provide easy navigation through all functions with the same operating logic. This system won accolades when released in Europe,” he says.

Sound levels in the cab have been significantly reduced to an impressive 68dBa, providing a quiet work environment. Further comfort comes from the pneumatic three-point cab suspension that reduces vibrations to a minimum. Climate control air-conditioning comes standard for the Australian market.

The new Fendt 800 Varios also feature a hydraulic system with load-sensing technology and significantly higher lift limits than previous models. All models can be specified to deliver 110, 160 or 193 litres per minute.

The lift capacities of the 800 Vario models are significantly higher than previous models. The electro-hydraulic rear power lift can manage heavy rear-mounted implements while the front lift is integrated into the structure of the tractor and can handle heavy front-mounted tools.

The new Fendt 800 Series has won a number of major awards in Europe, including 2010 Machine of the Year for the top tractor class at Germany’s Agritechnica exhibition and the 2011 Tractor of the Year at the EIMA exhibition in Italy.

“We’re looking forward to unveiling the new Fendt 800 Series at this year’s Henty Field Days. These are state of the art tractors and we can’t wait to show customers the impressive new features that reinforce Fendt’s reputation as the industry leader, adds Konstantin.

The Henty Machinery Field Days is one of the largest field day events in Australia. Approximately 800 exhibitors over three days attracts more than 50,000 people to the Southern New South Wales region every September.

Are you going to this year’s Henty Machinery Field Days?

Do You Own a Historic Valmet?

Introduced in 1955 the Valmet 20 was a welcome aid for Finnish agricultural production on small family farms.


In honour of Valtra’s 60th anniversary we welcome all owners of Valmet and ValtraValmet tractors to participate in our photo contest.

Simply share a picture of your Valmet on My Valtra, and tell us about its history. What kind of work has it been used for? What special events has your Valmet been involved in? The most interesting stories and best pictures will be rewarded one of four fantastic Valmet product prizes. To participate and for terms and conditions visit our contest page.

Valtra history pages

For  inspiration for the contest also check out the historic videos on our renewed YouTube channel or visit Valtra’s history pages.  The pages offer information about the company and its product range throughout history. You can also find lot of old brochures, pictures and calendars from the old days.

Massey Ferguson Across America-8660-Plowing in Ohio

Luke Swetland and his family live in Fredericktown, Ohio and are proud owners of many Massey Ferguson tractors. Their first piece of Massey Ferguson equipment was a 101 Junior, which still sits in the barn along with many other models that are refurbished and painted with a “Massey Ferguson red” that you can see glowing in the field. Luke, his father and grandfather make it a tradition each year to take each of the older models for a drive just to make sure they are in mint condition. Luke told us “the older tractors are something very valuable to our family that can be passed down to generations.” Heritage tractors are not the only type of Massey Ferguson the Swetlands are interested in. On their farm they are currently running an 8660. In the video below you will hear from Luke along with Tommy Keeran, who is very familiar with the Massey Ferguson 8660.

Visit our Build Your Own Tractor Website:

Final Day.. MF Super DNA roadshow and demo tour in Poland.

Well it has come to the final day and we are down south in yet another Korbanek Agrocentre. This one is run by two twins, Marek and Darek, who conveniently split the responsibilities of  Sales and Aftersales between themselves. There are 15 mechanics here with specialists for the different Massey Ferguson products available to provide good technical back-up locally. There is also a team of Salesmen and Parts specialists plus administrative support.

The format by now is well rehearsed and the event swings into action with another good crowd of farmers eager to see the machines in the field.

Our tour has taken us over 1000 Km around Poland and we have met over 1000 farmers, some new to MF, some who have been customers for many, many years.

I would like to thank the Korbanek team for their support this week and especially Marek and Pawel, the MF Product specialists but it would be unfair not to mention the whole team effort.

In addition, the MF team who supported the event.. Frédéric Moreau, Arnaud Guilbert, Jean Baptiste Gautier and Hannah Hayward plus our MF support vehicle driver Gary Foster, who faces a 30 hour drive back home with the pickup and trailer !

The Roadshow was designed as a “warm-up” for the annual Machinery fair in Posnan in 2 weeks time and we would be pleased to see as many farmers as possible there to see again the full Massey Ferguson product line up.

To anyone who has been following these events with us, many thanks and see you again soon!

Fendt “Build and Quote” Website Makes Choosing and Pricing New Tractors Faster and Easier

AGCO has introduced an easy way to configure, price and compare new Fendt equipment, right from the home office of current and potential US and Canadian customers. The tool is very user friendly and intuitive to use, enabling our online visitors to gain a better understanding of the many features and options available on specific equipment and see the list price. No registration is required which makes it convenient to research equipment information and pricing details.  We know that farm equipment purchase decisions are rarely made overnight and often involve several members of a farm business, so each detailed build summary with the list price may be emailed and printed for future reference.

After mixing and match the various options, customers may choose to request a formal quote from their choice of one of the three closest dealers. Dealers are notified of the request for quote via email and receive the build summary and optional trade-in, financing and warranty information if provided by the customer.

The new sites offer additional shopping tools to help customers prepare for an upcoming purchase of a tractor, combine, baler or other hay equipment, and implements. Visitors can compare models to those of the competition using AGCO Compare , view product information, use a payment calculator, learn about special offers details on financing options through AGCO Finance

We know this tool will be an invaluable resource for customers, helping them to choose the right machine and options for their operation in conjunction with consultation with their local dealer.

So take a few moments to browse the new site and ‘share” with your friends.

Build My Fendt:

Tell us, what product did YOU choose to build? Did you go ahead and request a dealer quote?

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