MF Super DNA roadshow and demo tour in Poland… Day 1

Yesterday we kicked off our Massey Ferguson roadshow in Poland, working in co-operation with our distributor Korbanek and Co. This is the first time that we have done such an event here, in what is proving to be an important growth market for MF. The plan is to exceed sales of 1000 MF tractors per year by next year and this year we are tracking well towards that.

Family company Korbanek have established a network of professional Agrocentres all across Poland and Mr and Mrs Korbanek, together with a full team of product specialists and demonstrators are travelling with us on the tour around the country.

Farmers receive a personal welcome to the Agrocentre from Mr Korbanek, followed by a product show and shuttle buses to the demo field for a field demonstration. As many farmers as possible are invited to test drive the tractors, with a raffle of special prizes available for all those who get on the seat.

The day rounds off with a hearty meal of soup, sausages and bread, freshly prepared in the field and then we move on to the next location. That meant a long convoy of cars and trucks last night, from Posnan to the north of Poland.

Adam Korbanek leads a group of farmers through the MF products in Posnan

Together with MF Harvesting machinery, a full line of MF tractors is being presented with the star of the show, the recently introduced MF 5400 series models MF 5420 – MF 5450. These are proving already to be a hit with Polish farmers. With good fuel economy and being very straightforward in operation, farmers love their sleek modern styling and impressive features that offer good performance in the field.

This kind of event is very well appreciated by Polish farmers as it gives them the opportunity to see and try the products for themselves and talk to experts on every aspect of farm machinery including the latest Technology available from Topcon.

It is really heartening to see the warm welcome, wherever we go, for Massey Ferguson and the pleasant reaction from farmers when they see for themselves the power and performance of the products in the field. Massey Ferguson is already very well known here because of former connections with Ursus and we are going through a sustained period of re-positioning the brand, to a much more modern image, that spans virtually all possible requirements of farm mechanisation in Poland.

Our current promotional campaign in Europe is “Superior DNA from Massey Ferguson” and the Polish version is nicely translated as “Super DNA od Massey Fergusona” … and this is creating a very positive passion for the brand whose roots so closely reflect the history and development of farm mechanisation, not only within Europe but globally.

Stay tuned on the AGCO Blog for the rest of the week to hear updates about our tour. What is your favorite thing about your Massey Ferguson?

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