Massey Ferguson Across America-8660-Plowing in Ohio

Luke Swetland and his family live in Fredericktown, Ohio and are proud owners of many Massey Ferguson tractors. Their first piece of Massey Ferguson equipment was a 101 Junior, which still sits in the barn along with many other models that are refurbished and painted with a “Massey Ferguson red” that you can see glowing in the field. Luke, his father and grandfather make it a tradition each year to take each of the older models for a drive just to make sure they are in mint condition. Luke told us “the older tractors are something very valuable to our family that can be passed down to generations.” Heritage tractors are not the only type of Massey Ferguson the Swetlands are interested in. On their farm they are currently running an 8660. In the video below you will hear from Luke along with Tommy Keeran, who is very familiar with the Massey Ferguson 8660.

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