Harvest Hazards

In the spirit of National Farm Safety and Health Week here in the United States, AGCO would like to share a message with everyone from Farm Safety 4 Just Kids. Make sure to visit our Safety tab to learn more about keeping your farm safe.

The shorter days of fall puts farmers and ranchers in a race against the clock during harvest. Factor in weather conditions and working hours always seem to be at a premium. With time and money on the line, a farm accident would grind harvest to stand still.

A little preparation can go a long way in preventing accidents. Planned maintenance and skilled equipment operation can minimize downtime and reduce potential for mishaps during harvest.

In addition manufacturers, like AGCO, have taken great strides to build safety features into equipment; however some potential hazards simply can’t be eliminated. Use guards and shields when possible and make sure everything is in working order.

The pressure of harvest often leads to fatigue, another major factor in farm accidents. Take your time and think safety. You can’t afford not to.

A few more things that will help make your harvest season a safe one for the entire family:

• Carry out preseason maintenance and repair several weeks before harvest.

• Clear plugged equipment only after the engine is turned off.

• All guards and shields should be secured before equipment is started.

• Wear comfortable, close-fitting clothing, including sturdy, protective shoes.

• Teach kids not to approach machinery while the engine is running and not to play on equipment.

• Always let someone else know where you’re working. Check in regularly.

• Avoid sleep deprivation and extreme physical exhaustion.

• Drugs or alcohol can impede safety.

Cheers to a save and abundant harvest!

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