Just Launched: System 350 Automatic Steering

The System 350 is the latest auto-steer technology available through the AGCO North American dealer network. The System 350 features a new X30 all-in-one control console that gives operators an entirely new level of precision control, dependability, flexibility and ease of use. It provides a wealth of control and display options that allow the operator to easily monitor machine activity at a glance to help reduce expensive swath overlap and easily manage field-by-field information for increased productivity and efficiency. An easy-to-use icon-based setup screen on the X30 console allows the operator to configure the system to the specific needs of the job, rather than being restricted by preset parameters.

The System 350 Automatic Steering includes boundary and U-turn recognition features that allow operators to easily complete turns and lock onto the next swath. The System’s guidance dashboard provides on-screen indicators for area covered, speed, swath number and satellite information while it builds a color coverage map that the operator can use to review which areas have been covered.

• 12.1-inch multi-touch screen features crisp, high-resolution graphics that are easy to see even in bright sunlight

• RTK Snap-in Module plugs into the System 350 AGI-3 receiver for centimeter (RTK) accuracy

• Snap-in module includes an internal 915 MHz radio for receiving data from a Topcon HiPer AG radio base station or a US GSM cellular modem

• Capable of using Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) correction via cellular data link as an alternative to RTK correction

• Enhanced data management features with multiple input and output options to compile and store valuable field-by-field information

• Automatic coverage maps track the area covered by the vehicle so producers can easily identify missed areas or areas of overlap

• Moves easily from one vehicle to the next

• Available through AGCO’s North American dealer network

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