Get Ready for Cultivations With Datatronic!

If you own a Massey Ferguson 6400, 7400 or 8600 series tractor with the onboard Datatronic console, you have at your fingertips a powerful tool for use in  cultivations, planting and seeding!

In addition to the more obvious benefits of Datatronic like being able to read fuel consumption and work rates, you also have the possibility to set up, automate and manage many of the functions of the tractor. This could include flow rates and timings for spool valves, management of headland operations and auto control of wheel slip… all designed to optimise your performance and work rate in the field.

I would also like to draw your attention to two further options within Datatronic… Dual Control and Trailed Implement Control. Recognising that many bigger implements are not purely controlled by rear 3 point linkage, these two systems allow front and rear semi-mounted machines and rear drawbar pulled machines to fully utilise the tractor’s sophisticated control systems just as if they were fully mounted on the 3 point linkage.

Autumn cultivations… perfect time for MF’s Datatronic

Bear in mind too, that you may also have opted for additional systems like ISOBUS, Video or Autoguide on your console and these too will help you get cultivations completed in a very smart productive way.

And the “icing on the cake”… if you also have datalogging or telemetry, you can relax back in the farm and analyse exactly what your tractor has been doing in the field and look for ways of  improving the performance even further!

Like most things, all of these functions will take a minute or two to set up and understand but the reward will be well worth it and you will be amazed at the results!

If you are in Europe and setting off on a few hard weeks of cultivations with your Massey Ferguson tractor fitted with Datatronic, take a bit of time to read up on its full capability and don’t hesitate to ask your Dealer for further advice on how to get the best from it… it is designed for you !

And finally, enjoy it… our tractors are straightforward and dependable and designed for a hard day’s work! What work do you do with your Massey Ferguson?

One Response to “Get Ready for Cultivations With Datatronic!”

  • tim cochrane:

    we use a mf7480 with front linkage and dual control for our pasture topping and seeding combo ( topper on front linkage and seeder on rear) this works very well saving alot of time and fuel, we also use for preparing corn(maize) country thats not no-till , we use a home made scarifer, deep tilage machine on front and power harrow on rear linkage, this also saves alot of time and fuel . Tractor also has GPS auto steer. We had to work out how to use the dual control ourselves as even the area rep for agco had never used or set one up in his area, Tim Cochrane Australia.