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Fendt’s Eurotour Gets Off to a Spectacular Start in the UK

The Fendt Efficient Technology Eurotour 2011 got off to a spectacular start in the UK in June, at Ollerton near Sherwood Forest in the English county of Nottinghamshire. Nearly 600 specially invited VIP guests, including existing and prospective customers were treated to an exclusive preview of the new Fendt 700 Vario SCR tractors, a day before the official, global launch in Germany.

“We are honoured to unveil the tractors to our customers ahead of the official launch. This is because the introduction coincided with the Cereals Event – the largest show in the UK for arable farmers,” explains Fendt’s Richard Shelton Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland. “Fendt already has a share of about 25% of the significant and growing 200hp+ sector in the UK, which is one of the most important and profitable export markets for Fendt.

“With these new tractors we expect to further increase sales and the campaign got off to a flying start with a significant number of buyers shaking hands on deals throughout the day.”Fendt ET Eurotour

The UK team’s slick presentation began with Mr. Shelton and sale engineer, Georg Fuchs, from Fendt HQ in Marktoberdorf, presenting the Fendt Efficient Technology philosophy. Then, accompanied by rousing music, the powerful Fendt 900 Vario SCR model roared into the arena, followed by the latest 800 Vario SCR models.

Then the stars of the show – the new 700 Vario SCR tractors – appeared from below a dip in the hill with headlights shining. The element of surprise had the desired effect, with audible gasps from the audience many of whom reached immediately for cameras and mobile phones!

One member of the audience, Rob Minnitt, a contractor from Lincolnshire said he was impressed with the event, its content and also the new 700 Series Vario SCR tractors. “We already use all Fendt tractors. There is nothing to compare with the technology and most importantly fuel consumption. In a like for like comparison on our typical work, our Fendt 415 consumed 40 litres/day less fuel than its nearest competitor. With diesel now costing 64p/litre that’s a significant saving that cannot be ignored,” said Mr Minnitt.

Now, with the launch of the new 700 Vario SCR tractors he expects to be changing his existing 820 Vario for, most likely, a new 724 model. “It’s exactly what I am looking for,” he adds.

Will Langford, who runs a contracting business and farms with his father in Cheshire, shook hands on the deal for a new Fendt 720 Vario SCR at the event. Although this is the first Fendt for the family business, they are loyal AGCO customers already owning Massey Ferguson and Valtra tractors.

“We tried a 718 model last year and were convinced by the technology, but it wasn’t quite what we wanted at the time,” says Will Langford. “But the new 700 Vario SCR range exactly fits our needs. It will now become our main workhorse for both contracting and the work for our 600-head dairy herd.”

Find out when the Eurotour is heading into your area. What Fendt model is next on your list for purchase?

Fendt at the German Farmer’s Day 2011

Fendt supported the German Farmers’ Day 2011 in Koblenz as a main sponsor and presented itself as a strong partner for farming. Under the motto “We create values” the German Farmers’ Association called attention to the services farming renders to society.

“We are the backbone of the rural areas and maintain our cultivated landscape,” stated Gerd Sonnleitner, President of the German Farmers’ Association clearly. “Germany is an agricultural country,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was a guest on the main day of the German Farmers’ Day and thanked farmers for their work.

The future challenges, however, must not be underestimated. “The problem of feeding a continually growing world population while agricultural areas are decreasing can only be solved through mechanization and powerful technology,” said Hubertus Mühlhäuser, Senior Vice President of AGCO. So, it fits well that Fendt was represented at the German Farmers’ Day. The Fendt EuroTour, which is currently making the rounds in Europe and presenting the new 700 Vario, also stopped in Koblenz.

How do you think we can best meet the challenges of feeding the world’s growing population?

Mario Capetola

Hi, my name is Mario Capetola and I’m the Marketing Communications Manager for AGCO Australia. I’m responsible for all the brands that we market in Australia and New Zealand which include Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Valtra, Challenger and Gleaner. As you can imagine, there’s never a dull moment with multiple brands which keeps us on our toes as we feverishly work towards communicating the various brand values to our customers. It’s an exciting time to be a part of Marketing Communications with the ever increasing new platforms that exist today that enable us to communicate with customers. I look forward to keeping you informed about the various activities that happen down under!

New MF 5400 Series Makes Its New Zealand Debut

This year’s National Field Days was the back-drop to the first public unveiling of the NEW Massey Ferguson 5400 Series tractors for New Zealand. Customers from all over the country had the chance to get up close with one of the latest additions to the Massey Ferguson line up. On display was the 82hp MF5420 which attracted much excitement with its sleek new styling and rugged and responsive features.

New MF 5400 Series

“We were very excited to have one of the new MF5400 Series tractors on show at our site this year, says Peter Scott, NZ Manager for AGCO. “We put the word out in the press leading up to the field days that we would be exhibiting the new range and it was great to see so many people arrive to the site with the expectation to learn more about the new workhorse tractors. We had a great response from customers who showed a keen interest in the new model and we believe this new range of tractors is ideally suited the requirements of New Zealand farmers,” adds Peter.

New Zealand’s National Field Days are held every year in June in the North Island and is one of the largest field days in the southern hemisphere. Held over four days on a 40 hectare event space, this year’s attendance figures were in excess of 117,000 visitors.

“The National Field Days is the flagship event for New Zealand, so it was the perfect opportunity to be able to give so many customers the chance to be able to peruse one of the new models,” says Peter.

Have you seen the new MF5420 at a show in your area or at your dealer? What do you think?

Precision Agriculture Changing Your Life

Not more than a decade ago, farmers were just warming up to the idea of hydraulic and electric guidance to steer their tractors, implements and combines in a consistent, straight line. Ag dealers were finding that “they require precision ag specialist to keep up with the new developments and best serve their customers” says Chad Elmore, managing editor of Farm Equipment. Here at AGCO, our dealers are dedicated to serving your technology needs.

Support after the sale is a crucial part of the equation; AGCO is proud to help serve you, the customer, at your earliest convenience. Elmore continues to say, “today, precision farming techniques are accepted by many in the ag industry and products that make up that segment are being updated continuously.” AGCO Advanced Technology Solutions is constantly working to provide our customers with cutting edge technology to save you money and more importantly, time,  so you can spend time with the ones you love – not just the tractor you love!

Dave Swain, Technology Marketing Specialist – HHP Tractors says, “More farmers are running multiple machines in different areas and they need to know what’s going on with each piece of equipment. Telematics will play a big role in agriculture. There’s a lot of data being generated by machines that can be used by the farm operator to make decisions ranging from equipment stylization to maintenance.”

Our AgCommand telematics service monitors engine and transmission status, machine location, combine operation information along with other data. The user can see the information on their computer through the internet or receive SMS messages via cell phone.

AGCO has many different telemetry and guidance products to help you become more efficient in your farming tactics. Please visit your local dealer or our website at to see how we can help you increase your margins and spend more time with your loved ones!

What will you spend your saved time on?

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