Gleaner 2011 Road Show Offers High-tech Demos

We told you earlier during the 2011 Gleaner Road Show, producers will be able to see how the new Gleaner Super Series combine works on the inside as the combine smoothly glides through a field during harvest. Using an AgCam mounted inside the machine, the Gleaner Road Show team will capture video of the combine’s natural-flow two-stage feeding system and transverse rotor as it processes and cleans the crop. The video will be displayed on field-side monitors. The 2011 Gleaner Road Show is occurring from July through November, moving northward with the small-grains harvest and then through the Corn Belt in North America.Gleaner combine

“We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of our natural-flow two-stage transverse rotor system, and now we’re literally showing it in action,” says Kevin Bien, product marketing manager for Gleaner. “By mounting one of the cameras beneath the accelerator rolls, we’ll be able to show producers how the grain is pre-cleaned before it reaches the cleaning shoe. They’ll be able to see how much less material other than grain (MOG) arrives on the cleaning shoe. Our process essentially makes the shoe a secondary cleaning device rather than the primary cleaning system as on other combines.”

With less MOG on the cleaning shoe, the detrimental impact of gravity is reduced, so the machine can operate on slopes of up to 23 percent without self-leveling devices required on other combines. The unique two-stage cleaning system of the Gleaner S7 Series combine also provides increased harvest capacity though the machine is as much as 2.5 tons lighter than competitive Class 7 machines.

To find a 2011 Gleaner Road Show event near you for a view inside the Gleaner S7 Series combine, visit for a schedule or contact your local Gleaner dealer at The online schedule will be updated from July through November as the 2011 Gleaner Road Show moves northward with the small-grains harvest and then through the Corn Belt this fall. Read more.

Are you heading out to a field demo to see farm equipment in action? Which machine? Where at?

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