75 Years of 3 Point Linkage

He built and flew the first aeroplane in Ireland. He developed and pioneered four wheel drive for fast cars. 75 years ago, his first production tractors fitted with the revolutionary new 3 point linkage system rolled off the production line in Huddersfield, England. He was, of course, the genius inventor and pioneer, Harry Ferguson.

Ferguson Type A tractors commenced production in 1936

The revolutionary new tractor, called the Ferguson Type A was built in the David Brown Park Gear works. Ferguson had set up a company in collaboration with the Industrialist David Brown to build and sell the new machines.

With over 5 million Massey Ferguson tractors now produced and 3 point linkage standard on every mainstream tractor, I think we can safely judge Mr Ferguson’s invention to have been a success!

If you are visiting MF’s Technology Centre in Beauvais this year, please spend some time looking at the special exhibition that has been prepared to celebrate the 75 years.

Now of course, on many tractors, the system uses electronics to measure draft forces and control the reaction of the onboard hydraulics to changes in soil conditions but essentially the design principle remains the same.

With the most impressive brand DNA in farm machinery, Massey Ferguson pledges to continue to find new ways every day to play a positive role in the lives and experiences of farmers… we owe it to the great founders of our brand!

How many generations has Massey Ferguson been a part of your family?

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