Brazilian Customer Receives the First Massey Ferguson Sprayer in the World

It happened in Coronel Bicaco, on the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul;  a Massey Ferguson client received the first MF sprayer in the world.  The farmer, Marcio Luis Schreiner, will use the MF 9030 in his 450 hectares of soy, corn and wheat. The machine was delivered on June 11, 2011 by Pippi Máquinas Dealer, through its headquarters in Giruá city. Currently, Massey Ferguson sprayers are only offered in South America.

The farmer is already waiting for productivity gains with the sprayer work done on his crop. He plans to work with the machine in order to record the results by the end of the harvest. “With this sprayer capacity, I will be able to reduce the time of application from one week down to two days ”, celebrates the farmer who recently had sprayed his property with a machine adapted into a tractor.

The new machine acquired by Mr. Schreiner is also a brand value proof by the farmer. Besides MF 9030, the farmer still counts with a MF 297/4 tractor and one MF 5650 combine, as well as two Massey Ferguson planters. “I trust Massey Ferguson products and I know these machines are excellent for cropping”, affirms Schreiner.

The machine delivered on the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul indicates the first Massey Ferguson improvement in the self-propelled sprayer segment. The machine leaves the factory in Canoas with an innovative solution in the Flex Frame chassis. The main features of the new product is the capacity of keeping the contact of the wheels with the soil at any topography, absorbing the irregularities of the ground and ensuring, therefore, the maximum of traction and spray bar stability, regardless the application speed.

Other equipment features includes its 3 thousand liters tank and 24 or 28 meters spray bars, divided into five or seven sections. The ignition is made by electrohydraulic command and positioned in the joystick. MF 9030 is the only sprayer in the market which maintains a 1.5 meters free span with different options of wheels, a feature that allows working in greater crops without damage.

How would a sprayer improve efficiency and production of your crops?

7 Responses to “Brazilian Customer Receives the First Massey Ferguson Sprayer in the World”

  • Guy Conan:

    The fact that Massey markets a sprayer in South and not North America tells me that the powers to be don,t care about gaining market share and raising there image in this part of the world.

    • Jamy Johnson:

      Hi Guy, the MF sprayer is an all new design released just for South America. The South America ‘voice of customer’ inputs were used to create a sprayer that specifically met the needs and farming practices in South America. AGCO is very serious about the self propelled sprayer segment in North America and continues to gain share with the SpraCoupe and RoGator products in NA distribution.

  • Guy Conan:

    Your right Jamy,Agco wants to sell product under those names but how much effort would it take to paint a sprayer and a articulating four wheel drive red and make Massey Ferguson a full line.They have taken the Massey combine and painted it yellow,green,silver to name a few,taken the Beavais built Massey tractor painted yellow to built up the Challenger name.If Massey had a full line they would get the respect they deserve and would be taken more seriously which would enable the dealers to sell more equipment.

  • Jamy Johnson:

    If only it were that simple! 🙂 Unfortunately South America has different emissions requirements than here in the US, so it would take a little more work than just a paint job!

  • Guy Conan:

    Painting a sprayer or a tractor that is already being built in the US would have problems with emissions,interesting!

    • Jamy Johnson:

      I’m not sure if my statement was understood correctly. These sprayers are actually being built in South America. The US EPA has stricter emissions requirements than South America’s standards so bringing a sprayer built for SA standards into NA and painting it a different color is clearly not as simple as one would think!