AGCO Farm Legacy Photo Contest Winner

After sorting through many touching entries and even shedding a few tears thinking about our own farming legacies who have passed away, we are happy to announce that Brian T. of Port Hope, Ontario, Canada is the winner of AGCO’s Farm Legacy Photo Contest. We launched this contest to give people the chance to honor their farming influences. We asked them to tell us things like what they learned on the farm and who taught it to them. Although the contest was centered around Father’s Day in the US, we welcomed entries about all kinds of farm heros from fathers to mothers to aunts and granddads.  Here is Brian’s beautiful story about his grandfather. Congratulations to Brian and his farming legacy!

AGCO Photo Contest Winner

“This is a photo of my grandfather showing a newborn calf to my mom and aunt. My grandfather was a farmer from the day he was born to the day he died. He loved the land, loved animals and loved people. He instilled in me all of his beliefs and knowledge. He is the reason I’m interested in farming.”

What are some things that you learned on the farm?

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