2011 Gleaner Super Series Roadshow

Less than twelve months ago, Gleaner launched its Super Series combines. Following the launch, Gleaner sent five Super Series combines out for tests and demonstrations in the 2010 harvest. The new series logged more than 1,200 separator hours in wheat, canola, corn, soybeans, milo and barley to test the productivity, fuel efficiency and ability to deliver a clean grain sample of the new S7 Gleaners.

When compared to competitive combines, the new Super Series stands out with a largest currently available grain tank capacity, up to 3 tons lighter machine weight to decrease soil compaction, and very good fuel efficiency to just name a few of the many improvements on the new Super Series. The new Gleaner combines also have a lower center of gravity and unique accelerator roll technology that make it possible to harvest on slopes up to 23%.

In Australia, Gleaner dealers were able to sell the entire inventory before it arrived to customers.

For the upcoming 2011 North American harvest, Gleaner has almost doubled its Super Series demonstration fleet to give more owners of Gleaner combines and competitive combines more opportunities to see and drive the difference they can achieve when using a Gleaner combine.

In order to better explain and document the efficiency of the Gleaner threshing and cleaning technology, new state of the art AgCam cameras have been installed at important locations inside the demonstrator combine. These videos will then be transmitted to a location where field demo observers can see what is going on inside the combine instead of just watching it go back and forth in the field. The cameras are built by Dakota Micro, who also makes cameras for the military which are legendary for their toughness. Looking at these cameras while operating the combine you can really see what changes have been made in the Gleaner Super Series to make them more productive and efficient. Take a look at the video below to see and experience the new Super Series Gleaner combines.

Do you plan to see a field demo of the Super Series this harvest season?

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