Pamela Engels

Hi, my name is Pamela Engels and I am the Digital Media Manager at Valtra. I started working with the brand eight years ago when I moved to beautiful Central Finland from my home-country, Germany. Being from the city I have to admit that there’s loads to learn about farming and farm machinery every day. It has been a challenge and I am excited to share some fascinating stories about Valtra and our customers here on this blog. As for hands-on experience with farm machinery – I try to get some whenever the opportunity arises. Luckily Valtra tractors are reliable, indestructible and easy-to-use, perfect even for a city kid on the loose!

What are your experiences with Valtra tractors?

One Response to “Pamela Engels”

  • Kai:

    Dear Palmela,

    lot’s of fun in the world of ag machinery, good luck and best regards from Germany.