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MF at Grassland & Muck 2011

According to the organisers, RASE (Royal Agricultural Society of England), 14,994 visitors attended this years Grassland and Muck show held at Stoneleigh Park, Warkwickshire, UK.

Held over two days last week, the show is a leading industry event showcasing the latest technology and business information on forage production, harvesting, storage and utilisation as well as the latest in muck management and application.

UK Sales Team discuss new products with visitors to the show.

Several of our guys from the UK Sales Team were on hand to demonstrate and discuss some new product introductions.

Please view the video below to see the guys in action, including; the MF 5450 and MF 949 loader with Martin Mills, South West England Area Manager. The MF 9306 telehandler with Steve Mills, East England Area Manager as well as bale handling with the smaller MF 9205 telehandler.

Finally take a closer look at the new HayBoss preservative application system for the 2100 series balers with Andrew Snell, HayBoss Product Specialist.

Are any of these machines on your wish-list?

Valtra’s A Series Enters the HiTech Era

The Valtra A Series has traditionally been the most popular tractor in Scandinavia. Valtra has further improved the forest features that are so important in this region.

The popular A Series from Valtra enters the HiTech era. The new electronic HiTech forward-reverse shuttle that is now available on the A Series is closely related to Valtra’s traditional shuttle feature, which is widely considered the best on the market. The smooth and precise shuttle is a big advantage when performing front-loader tasks. The system also features an integrated handbrake, further enhancing convenience and safety.

Together with the electronic shuttle the A Series gets a dual-speed PTO controlled by a hydraulic multidisc clutch. The PTO is operated by simple switches, and the hydraulics offer smooth engagement. Control switches can also be optionally specified in the rear mudguard.

The new A Series tractors are powered by AGCO Sisu Power 3.3-litre common rail engines. A viscous fan and common rail fuel injection reduce both noise and fuel consumption. With the introduction of electronic engine management, the A Series is now also available with cruise control. Other new electronic features are available for operating the front linkage and transmission. Valtra’s electronic Autocontrol front linkage is extremely precise, and switches for raising and lowering the linkage can be found in both rear mudguards. Valtra’s unique Autotraction feature and automated 4WD system are ideal for tasks that require repeated stopping and starting. The options list also includes electronic Proline dials that provide a wide range of information.

Driver comfort has been taken to a new level. Noise levels in the cab have been further reduced, and the cab itself has been comprehensively updated. The suspended pedals, including electronic clutch and gas pedals, are easy to operate even with heavy boots. Entering the cab is now easier thanks to wider access. The adjustability of the steering wheel and driver’s seat has also been improved. Customers no longer need to specify a forest cab, as the redesigned cab offers a more even floor. For forest tasks the cab can be specified with a gas pedal in the rear and a rear window designed for a loader valve.

Have you already seen the new Valtra A HiTech Series live?

But I Don’t Want to Drive to the Store!

How nice would it be if you did not have to actually steer your pickup truck? After you fire it up, press a few buttons and off you go down the road to the grocery store, without touching the wheel! Boy howdy, that would be convenient, everyone would be multi-tasking to the max. Here at AGCO, we are already working on that for your tractors and combines. While pioneering that road, the Advanced Technology Solutions division has transformed a golf cart into a fully autonomous vehicle.

AGCO hosts a National Training Event each spring welcoming dealers and employees to have a hands on experience of how we are changing the future of agriculture. Here, I was able to sit on a fully autonomous golf cart. The steering system on the beast of a golf cart was Topcon’s AES-25 paired with Topcon’s System 150 guidance. Combining these two forces together creates a fully autonomous vehicle ready to bring you where ever it is programmed to go!

Auto-Guidance is the future of accuracy in precision farming. Ian Yule of Massey University in New Zealand states, “Guidance assistance and auto steer have had a major impact on the agriculture industry. Within 15 years, we have gone from a simple light-bar indicator to fully automated control of tractors and implements.”

In FARM INDUSTRY NEWS, Karen McMahon says that ”recently AGCO and Topcon announced they are working together on technology for autonomous vehicles. At AG CONNECT Expo, the companies discussed their early research and displayed a device called LiDar that can be used with an autonomous farm vehicle.” Autonomous vehicles were ranked in the top 20 technologies that are changing agriculture.

How are you going to auto-mate your life?

Treat yourself to a System 150 and you won’t be steering in no time!

Valtra – Individually Yours

New customer promise reinforces Valtra’s customer-based philosophy

Valtra updated its customer promise and corporate identity in connection with its 60th anniversary in January.

According to the company vision, Valtra’s aim is to be the most desirable partner for individual and reliable tractors and solutions. The new customer promise “Individually Yours” communicates the company’s unique way of operating among its own employees, sales and service network, partners and above all customers.

The core philosophy of Valtra is to meet the individual needs of the customer. This philosophy is born from Valtra’s unique customer-based service concept and customer order system, which was introduced in 1992. Valtra’s sales representatives work in close partnership with their customers to determine the ideal tractor specifications for their requirements. The design of Valtra tractors is based on modules combined with additional options and unique features, allowing half a million different combinations. This extreme versatility allows Valtra to offer competitive solutions to customers involved in farming, forestry, municipal contracting and heavy contracting.

The ongoing development of business practices, new investments in production, and future development plans will continue to reinforce Valtra’s individual and customer-based operations.

Together with the customer promise, Valtra modernized its logo. The Valtra name has appeared in 3D on the sides of tractors. The new print and electronic logo will have the same 3D design approach reflecting power and quality of its products.

How would you specify your custom-built Valtra tractor?

Pamela Engels

Hi, my name is Pamela Engels and I am the Digital Media Manager at Valtra. I started working with the brand eight years ago when I moved to beautiful Central Finland from my home-country, Germany. Being from the city I have to admit that there’s loads to learn about farming and farm machinery every day. It has been a challenge and I am excited to share some fascinating stories about Valtra and our customers here on this blog. As for hands-on experience with farm machinery – I try to get some whenever the opportunity arises. Luckily Valtra tractors are reliable, indestructible and easy-to-use, perfect even for a city kid on the loose!

What are your experiences with Valtra tractors?