Make Farm Safety a Priority

Safety on the farm is a priority at AGCO. Have you noticed our new Safety section here on the AGCO Blog? Watch for new posts from us and other farm safety organizations.

We are very proud of our sponsorship of the Progressive Agriculture Foundation’s (PAF) website and the good work this organization does with more than 400 Progressive Agriculture Safety Days teaching  farm safety and health education to children. PAF is the largest farm safety and health educational program in North America.

PAF’s website has lots of fun family and kids’ safety activities and you can also check out the list of locations to see if a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® is scheduled in your area . If you don’t see one on the list that is close to you, you can apply to host a Safety Day in your area.

Randy Bernhardt, Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Director – Development, PAF, tells us their “vision is that no child would become ill, be injured or die from farm, ranch and rural activities. Their mission is to provide education and training to make farm, ranch and rural life safer and healthier for children and their communities.” PAF programs are throughout the United States, the Canadian provinces, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa, reaching more than 82,000 participants with the help of more than 18,000 adult and older teen volunteers.  They are starting programs in Argentina and Uruguay this year.

I recently had the opportunity to video tape some great safety videos at the AG CONNECT Expo where the Progressive Agriculture Foundation coordinated the Safety Zone with the help of a number of safety organizations. You can see these videos and learn more about farm safety on AGCO’s YouTube channel. Here’s one of the videos:

How do you teach your children farm safety? Share some of your ideas on how to keep our kids safe on the farm by posting a comment here.

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