New Features of MyValtra

My Valtra is a site where you can tell your story about places where you’ve been together with your Valtra. You can share your ideas, best practices, give your advice and add pictures and videos all while showing others how Valtra is an important part of your life. Other Valtra owners can even comment on your pictures and stories. This spring, My Valtra has undergone some major improvements. Here is a list of the most important new features:

  • My Valtra homepage is totally new. Now you can see on the front page all the latest stories, news by Valtra, the most recent comments, stories, discussions and so on.
  • Logging into My Valtra can now be done simply just by using your e-mail address and password.
  • When you are logged in you get your own, personal home page which collects all the things you are interested in, the most recent comments, the stories you have written, etc.
  • In your own settings, you can now choose if you want to receive a notification directly to your e-mail inbox when someone commented on your story.
  • The new search function allows you to search stories by country, by models, word search, etc.
  • You can follow specific users who are of interest to you and get instant notification on your personal home page when she/he has added a new story.

Join now to tell the story of your own Valtra and discuss and comment other people’s stories. Spring and fall are always good times to take pictures and certainly there is a lot to tell and to share about your important field work, whether it be planting or harvesting.

Looking forward your stories and pictures! We hope you will enjoy the new features in My Valtra.

Are you already a member of My Valtra?

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