When You Know You Have a Winner!

One look is all it takes.... MF 5400 Series

It’s funny but sometimes you don’t need to study the marketing brief to know if something will be a winner, one look is all it takes!

When I first saw the new MF 5400 series with its sleek, classy new look, I thought “winner” as did many others in the Massey Ferguson team. Quite simply, it looks like it is more than up to any job on the farm and is a handy size for most farmers, especially those who used to buy tractors from our Coventry built factory in the ’80s and ’90s.

It is also a very straightforward tractor, even though it features bang up-to-date technology that isn’t really available on its competitors in this class. I am thinking here of its Dyna-4 semi powershift transmission, ELC electronic linkage control and elegant integrated chassis.

During the build up to its launch, we trained our own people on it and looked closely at the main alternatives from the other popular brands outside of AGCO. Whilst these are all good tractors and fairly well built, I can’t help think that they haven’t really moved on much in the last 20 years and don’t really offer today’s younger farmers much in the way of progress over what their Dads would have been used to!

Only time will tell, but it is a sobering thought that sometimes we witness the birth today of a classic of the future!

Watch the  New MF 5400 SIMA 2011 Video. Do you think the new Massey Ferguson 5400 Series tractor is a winner?

2 Responses to “When You Know You Have a Winner!”

  • Guy Conan:

    Looks like an excellent tractor,I currently have a 5455 and it has worked trouble free for about 4 thousand hours.Massey needs to go on a marketing blitz to let farmers know of their product and how good it is,it would also be huge if they had a full line to offer in the North American market.

  • Regan:

    Nice article.