Valtra Biogas Tractor Tests Continue

Valtra showed the biogas concept technology on the Valtra N101 tractor at the SIMA exhibition in Paris earlier this year.

Equipped with front loader, front linkage and front PTO, the N101 is a compact and versatile tractor. This makes it ideal for husbandry farms, municipalities and contractors that have the possibility of refueling with biogas. Valtra Biogas Tractor

Without making any changes to the original diesel engine, 70 to 80 percent of power is generated by biogas. The dual-fuel engine functions like a diesel engine. The gas is injected with the intake air, and combustion occurs when a small amount of diesel fuel is injected into the cylinder. If biogas is not available, the engine can run completely on diesel fuel.

The test drivers have been very satisfied with the tractor. The performance is equal compared with an ordinary Valtra N101 and the diesel fuel consumption is reported to be very low, some 3 litres per hour. The 2010-2011 winter has been exceptional cold but the tractor has been functioning without problems. The tests will continue through 2011 in Skåne, Sweden.

The Valtra biogas tractor concept was developed in cooperation with Afcon Oy, Alt-Control Oy, RAP Clean Air Systems, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Ecocat Group, Biogas Syd and Lantmannen Maskin.  Source: Valtra News

Do you think biogas will become a good fuel alternative?

9 Responses to “Valtra Biogas Tractor Tests Continue”

  • Anwaar Sardar:

    What size of digester would be able to provide enough biogas to fuel this tractor?

    • Jamy Johnson:

      Hi Anwaar! Are you asking how many animals like cows are needed to run the biogas tractor? If that´s the question, the answer naturally depends on how much the tractor is driven per year. The biogas fuel can also be effectively created from grass etc.
      biomass, not only slurry (actually the mixture of these is ideal). Need of animals or hectares is also highly dependable on system, which turns biomass to biogas. You can roughly estimate, that with one round bale of grass you can drive 750 kilometers or with one hectare grassland biomass you can drive 30 000 kilometres per year. On the other hand you can drive some 4000 kilometers with biogas created from a manure of a single cow per year.

  • Clive Frost:

    How long can it run between biogas fill ups?

    • Jamy Johnson:

      Hi Clive! The Valtra N101 biogas tractor has 170 liter biogas tank filled to 200 bar pressure. This is roughly equal to 30 liters of diesel. You can run 110 horsepower N101 tractor over three hours light work with biogas, but much less hard tillaging work naturally.

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  • mukasa john:

    its a good achievement i reaserch

  • steve Clarke:

    does engine for biogas tractor engine operate on biogas containing 60% methane and 40% carbon dioxide?

  • ugur:

    is it really biogas(50-70% CH4 and rest of it other gases) tractor or biomethane(98% CH4 and rest of it other gases) tractor?
    if it is biogas tractor, it is really great. but if it is biomethane tractor it is very expensive to purificate the biogas to biomethane.

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