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Fendt C-Series Combines: New Models for 2012 Harvest Season

Fendt recently announced the current AL-models of the Fendt C-Series will be replaced by two new combine models for the 2012 harvesting season. These models feature the proven C-Series three drum threshing technology with several new innovative features like the ParaLevel slope compensation system, a new electronics system and the fuel-efficient e3 SCR technology engine.

ParaLevel axle– unique leveling system

Giving optimum and consistent output on slopes, the new C-Series models (5275 C PL, 6335 C PL) are equipped with the all-new Fendt C-Series CombineParaLevel front axle. It allows the chassis to be leveled on slopes up to 20%, guaranteeing uniform distribution of the crop within the threshing, separating and cleaning systems. This patented front axle is based on the geometry of a parallelogram and ensures maximum productivity and efficiency, even in hilly regions. In addition to the typical advantages of a chassis leveling system of low grain loss and excellent sample, operators can choose between a work mode and a transport mode. In work mode, stability and safety on slopes is significantly higher, because the outer width is increased. In transport mode, the overall width is reduced by lowering the front axle, which allows the combines to be used on public roads, with 800/65 R 32 tyres under 3.50 m (5 walker). Reinforcement of the final drive further optimises the stability and reliability of the entire front axle.

Comfortable workplace with new electronics concept

The new C 2000 terminal with a large touch screen colour display (10.5”), offers maximum convenience for operating and monitoring the machine. It is integrated in and adjusts with the armrest, making it easy to operate over long periods. Operators can decide for themselves, how to adjust the settings of the terminal: fast and intuitive with the touchscreen or with the keys and rotary control when driving on uneven ground. All important settings can also be controlled with toggle switches, which are located on the side console.

The CAN-bus electronics allow fully automatic adjustment of the main functions. The operator can now simply select the crop in the terminal and all the necessary settings, such as the threshing drum or concave settings, are adjusted automatically. The terminal monitors all combine and engine functions and provides details on the status of all major components and operating parameters. At the same time, the system supervises all the important shaft speeds as well as engine and transmission oil temperatures, and has a full warning and diagnostics system. Another operator feature of the new electronics concept is an automatic system for adjustment of the reel speed to ground speed.

Fuel-saving e3 SCR technology

The C-Series ParaLevel models are powered by a 6-cylinder engine from AGCO SISU POWER. The combine also uses the fuel-efficient e3 SCR technology. This not only significantly reduces particulate matter and CO2 emissions, it also reduces fuel consumption significantly; a real benefit for the customer. The technology also allows the combustion process to be optimised, reducing consumption for in-field operations, but also for on-road driving. The combine can reach the maximum speed of 25 kph at a fuel-saving 1,900 rpm.

What do you think about all of these improvements for Fendt C-Series Combines?

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