Fendt 828 Vario: Record-Setting Results in DLG PowerMix

PowerMix test results confirm SCR technology

When implementing emissions stage 3b (Tier IV interim), Fendt also made economy a top priority and presented the first tractors, the new 800 Vario series, with the fuel-efficient SCR technology. Now the 828 Vario has gone through the PowerMix test at the DLG Test Centre and the results impressively confirm its fuel efficiency: the 828 Vario with 280 hp achieved an unprecedented low value of just 245 g/kWh.

When the first PowerMix tests were performed in 2005, values of 280 g/kWh were considered outstanding. Three years ago Fendt succeeded, as many times before, in setting a new benchmark: the 936 Vario achieved a result of 261 g/kWh. With the current results from the DLG Test Centre, Fendt presents another record-setting result: with 245 g/kWh, the 828 Vario sets a new world record and thus consumes 56 g/kWh less fuel than the average of all tractors tested in the PowerMix (Profi trade magazine) so far. This result can be attributed to the combination of Fendt Efficient Technology and the fuel-efficient SCR technology, in which the exhaust gas is after-treated with AdBlue urea solution. Despite reduced nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions, both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced significantly using this technology. In this way, Fendt succeeds in implementing the current emission standard, while achieving “More from Less”, in keeping with the Fendt Efficient Technology philosophy.

Do you have a Fendt 828 vario? Do you see a significant change in your fuel consumption?

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