Challenger Returns “Home”

On March 22, Georgia’s agriculture community gathered to celebrate the Georgia Agriculture Awareness Day. During the day the largest tractors used in the state were on display at the state capitol. AGCO was especially proud to participate in this event, since Georgia is the home state of AGCO’s corporate headquarters. The Challenger MT955C, which was recently parked right in front of the headquarters building, was sent to represent AGCO during this celebration.

The Agriculture Awareness Day is part of the Eighth Annual Agricultural Week in Georgia.

Georgia ranks first in the nation in the production of broiler chickens, peanuts, pecans and rye according to the USDA Agricultural Statistics Service. Georgia ranks second in production of cotton, cotton seed, fresh market cucumbers, fresh market snap beans, rye and spring onions. Georgia is also a leading producer of cantaloupes, sweet corn, bell peppers, watermelons, blueberries, peaches, squash and cabbage. Source:

How does your community celebrate agriculture? How do you show your support or get involved?

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