Fendt 820 Vario-Most Sold Tractor in Germany

Once again the 205 hp Fendt 820 Vario was in high demand in Germany last year.  It is the most-sold tractor on the German market for the third time  and has proven to be a true workhorse for Fendt.

“We are very proud of this accomplishment. With this model, we offer our customers a compact all-rounder that is unique in this Fendt 820 Vario tractorpower class,” says Andreas Loewel, Managing Director of AGCO Deutschland GmbH, proudly. Since its introduction in 2006, almost 9,000 of the 820 Vario tractors have been sold  worldwide and therefore already takes second place on the list of the all-time most sold Vario tractors, after the 716 Vario.

The 312 Vario accounts for the second highest share of Fendt tractor sales. “Overall, it is evident all our models are very well received.  With the fully integrated Vario (continuously variable transmission technology) from 70 to 390 hp, we offer a very sophisticated and mature product line. It is important to us our customers find the ideal tractor for the size of their farming business,” explains Loewel.

Do you have a Fendt 820 Vario tractor?  Tell us why you like the way it performs on your farm.

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