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AGCO SISU POWER Engines with e3 Technology

AGCO SISU POWER engines offer clean power without compromises in a variety of tractors, combines and application equipment manufactured by AGCO. They are designed for the most demanding off-road applications because of their robust construction and proven reliability. They also offer increased power density, greater torque, reduced noise and superior fuel economy.AGCO SISU POWER engine

Meeting both European and American emission requirements, AGCO SISU POWER engines offer features with farmers in mind:

EU (Stage IIIB) AND EPA (Tier 4 interim) approval

* e3 SCR plus SisuTronic electronic management reduces fuel consumption

* Better fuel economy also reduces CO2 emissions

* Improved combustion reduces particulate (PM) emissions below new standards

* High efficiency combustion allows longer oil change intervals

Do you have an AGCO SISU POWER engine in your equipment? Tell us why you love it.

2 Responses to “AGCO SISU POWER Engines with e3 Technology”

  • joey:

    theyre ok but i liked the cummmins motor so much more now thats what i wish was still in the tractors and combines.

  • norm:

    That’s fine joey but u must never had both engines running at the same time. I have a fleet of cummins but now I am becoming a SiSu convert. They are much better balanced a run a lot quieter than a cummins. I have nothing to gain by telling u this, i just want u to give that engine a chance and u will be glad u did!

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