AGCO Parts Committed to Delivering the Best

AGCO Parts, North America staff and dealers gathered as they worked toward “Destination Best” at the 2011 North American Parts Expo at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, IL, U.S., in early February.  The commitment and dedication of AGCO Parts was obvious, as they emphasized new strategies and improvements that would better work together with dealers, which outlined what it means to be “Best-in-the-Field” for our customers.

The event was packed with educational and informational sessions for AGCO Parts dealers and their service, parts and sales managers. Bob Crain, Senior Vice President, General Manager, North America, outlined commitment areas and highlighted new products for 2011 and 2012. “We are making significant investments in research and development,” Crain said. “AGCO is very serious about growing its business in North America.”AGCO Parts at NA Parts Expo

He also added that AGCO Parts has pledged to help its dealers deliver “Best-in-the-Field” programs and service to their customers. “We are making our processes easier and are providing efficient service solutions that support our dealers.”

Jason Marx, AGCO Parts Vice President, North America, charted the priorities and strategies for 2011 and predicts the same positive movement to continue along the path to become the “Best-in-the-Field” parts and service provider. Marx said “Okay is no longer good enough. What we did five years ago or yesterday will not help us be the Best-in-the-Field tomorrow.” Marx indicated AGCO Parts partners with its dealers through the dealer network panel to identify strategies for enhancing parts availability, distribution, pricing and sales growth, procurement and inventory, cost reductions, seasonal programs and employee performance.

Champion skier, Olympian and successful business leader Cary Mullen delivered an excellent presentation featuring the five keys to winning in business. At the Expo trade show, dealers also had the opportunity to interact with AGCO Parts suppliers and visit with AGCO Parts service programs and promotions staff. Motivational speaker, comedian and guitarist Mike Rayburn encouraged dealers and AGCO Parts staff to not limit their success even though business objectives are being met. “Resolve to be your best,” he said, “and become your own virtuoso.”

Expo also included a tour of the recently upgraded Parts Distribution Center (PDC) and customer service center in Batavia, IL. AGCO Parts has invested heavily in installing state-of-the-art distribution systems at its PDCs across North America in an effort to provide “Best-in-the-Field” service to its dealers and customers. And it seems to be working. AGCO Parts has been recognized for providing the best customer service among all North American agriculture Original Equipment Manufacturers, as reported by an industry survey organization. The updates at the PDCs have also helped lower backorders to an industry-low of 10 days.

Even after AGCO Parts Expo, the journey to Destination Best continues. It continues each day as AGCO Parts and its dealers strive to deliver “Best-in-the-Field” products, service and quality for our customers.

Thanks again to all those staff and dealers who braved the weather and helped make Expo such a wonderful destination. And a special thanks to all the AGCO Parts dealers and customers for such a fantastic year in 2010. We look forward to continuing our journey with dealers and customers toward Destination Best in 2011.

Visit for product information and upcoming dealership programs and events. Did you visit the AGCO Parts booth at the 2011 North American Parts Expo?

*Post submitted by Kim Gerke, Marketing  Communication Specialist, AGCO Parts

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