AES-25 Accurate Electric Steering System Now Available

AGCO and our technology partner, Topcon Precision Agriculture, are pleased to announce the availability of Topcon’s AES-25 Accurate Electric Steering kits for Challenger® and Massey Ferguson® high-horsepower tractors, selected Gleaner® combines, AGCO application equipment, as well as other brands of equipment in North America. The AES-25 system will be available through the AGCO dealer network.AES 25

“Topcon’s AES-25 is an innovative and high performance automatic steering system for professional producers who want high-accuracy results to help maximize productivity,” says Marlin Melander, technology marketing specialist with Advanced Technology Solutions at AGCO. “From its easy installation to operator-friendly operation and high level of accuracy, not only does the AES-25 system provide precise steering control, but it’s an excellent alternative to common hydraulic steering systems.”

With the AES-25 system, growers are able to start at the accuracy needed for a particular job. Then, if needed, they can step up to real-time kinetics with confidence to achieve full 2cm (0.8 inch) pass-to-pass and repeatable accuracy. This is because the AES-25 direct drive system is the only one in the industry with the power and torque to operate at centimeter accuracy. The System 150 Automatic Steering System coupled to an AES-25 electric steering option provides row crop accuracy on vehicles that have not been outfitted with a hydraulic based “Guidance Ready” option from the factory. AGCO dealers will have access to AES-25 installation kits for a wide range of vehicles, including machines sold by other agriculture equipment manufacturers. This will allow AGCO dealers to provide a complete technology solution, even to growers with other brands of equipment.

The AES-25 system’s quiet, high-torque direct-drive motor provides silent operation to prevent unwanted cab noise. Likewise, the AES-25 does not intrude into the operator’s working area. With its industry-exclusive direct-drive motor, there are no external components — such as scrubber wheel drive motors or large gear and motor housings — that could interfere with day-to-day operation. Plus, the AES-25 system can be installed and steering in just minutes, rather than requiring hours of setup like other steering systems. It also transfers easily from machine to machine.

“AGCO has long been committed to providing growers with efficiency-enhancing technology solutions that combine real-world practicality with world-class innovation,” explains Melander. “AES-25 is just one more in the growing line of advanced precision farming products AGCO brings to customers through our partnership with Topcon.”

For more information about precision farming product innovations available from AGCO, visit your local Massey Ferguson, Challenger or Gleaner dealer, or visit  If you are heading out to the National Farm Machinery Show, Feb. 16-19 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, you can stop by and see it for yourself. When are you heading to your dealer to pick one up?

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