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Support Farm Safety with AGCO & Farm Safety 4 Just Kids

Do you have a few seconds? Want to help keep children safe in rural areas? Vote for the Farm Safety 4 Just Kids Pepsi Refresh grant. Farm Safety 4 Just kids is a non-profit organization and will use the $25,000 grant to educate youth and their families about farm safety by adding interactive elements to their website. AGCO is a proud sponsor of Farm Safety 4 Just Kids.

Farm Safety 4 Just Kids was created in 1987 by Marilyn Adams after the death of her 11-year-old son in a gravity flow grain wagon accident. The organization is devoted to educating youth and their families about farm safety to prevent future tragedies.

Today, Farm Safety 4 Just Kids has over 130 chapters across the United States and Canada. These volunteers conduct farm safety days in their local communities. In addition, ten outreach coordinators travel ten states teaching youth and their families about farm safety. The organization researches, creates, and offers various educational resources and materials about various farm safety topics.

For more information visit You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Voting ends on January 31, 2011 so hurry and cast your vote now! What do you do to teach your children about farm safety?

Contributed by: Tracy Schlater, Marketing Director at Farm Safety 4 Just Kids

Agriculture Facts from Around the World

Ok, I have to admit this is a pretty cool idea and I wish I had thought of it first. Ryan Goodman from Arkansas, US is on a mission to collect agriculture facts from around the world – specifically by postcard (he just l-o-v-e-s getting postcards).

His goal for 2011 is to collect a unique ag fact from all 50 states in the US. We think we can help him achieve this, plus go a little bit better, by having our global community send him postcards from all around the world. AGCO is distributed in 140 countries, so our customers, dealers, and company folks should be able to help Ryan out. He will then take the information and share it with a unique post from each state or country on his blog. This is an amazing way to learn about agriculture around the world.

If you are interested in helping him out, send him a direct message on Twitter or Facebook or email him ( and he will send you his postal mailing address. Be sure to include a return address and he promises to return the favor with a post card from Arkansas. Let’s all support “Stamps on AgFacts“. Watch his video below:

AGCO is going to start off with a fact about Georgia – home of our corporate headquarters and Ryan, don’t worry, we’ll get our postcard in the mail right away… “Although we are officially known as ‘the Peach State,’ Georgia produces almost half of all the peanuts produced in the US each year.”

Where are you from and will you commit to helping Ryan achieve his goal?

What is Precision Agriculture?

The greater the precision, the bigger the profit — it’s as simple as that!

The most up-to-date precision farming tools can enable you to increase returns by varying the rates at which inputs — such as fertilizer, pesticides and seed — are applied to match the yield potential of specific parts of individual fields. This means that with crop nutrients and chemical inputs, they are being applied where they are required and at a rate that will be effective in deficient or problem areas. These tools also gather extremely useful and accurate data, allowing quick and clear analysis to enable informed management decisions to be made. Take a look at the video below for more information.

Visit to find out more about what AGCO has to offer in precision ag. Are you looking into incorporating precision ag into your operation? If so, how?

Calling All Farmers: Do You Use a Smartphone?

I use my smartphone to check my work and personal emails, my bank account balance, Facebook, the weather and use it as a GPS. I can even keep a recipe box, a to-do list, check the scores of my favorite sports teams and learn guitar chords – all on one device that also makes phone calls. Its actually hard to find something that you can’t do on your smartphone these days- even for farmers!

More and more farmers, growers, and producers will pickup a smartphone as they trade in their old phones. How would a grower use a smartphone application, or ‘app’ as they are called? Immediate uses include general information tools, like weather, news, or finance. Many of the smartphones ship with these types of applications pre-installed. Other uses include specialized seed and soil calculators, ag news, and subscription ag management tools.

Here are a set of links to specific agriculture applications:

* Agriculture Crowdsourcing: These sample apps use the smartphone and crowdsourcing to bring data from the field into a lab database.
* Agriculture Management Information Apps: These types of applications are mostly mobile extensions of a farm or operation management system.
* Agriculture Calculator Apps: These are a sample of some of smartphone tools to help make in field calculations without having to head back to the home office.
* Agriculture Information Resource Apps: These types of apps are primarily used as a lookup tool, either to help identify species, review a piece of regulation, or get the specifics on an issue.
* Agriculture News Apps: These are a sample of agri-media focused news aggregators.
* Weather Apps: These are a sample of smartphone weather applications.”

Source: Agriculture Answering the Call of Smartphones | This Week In Ag

How many of you use smart phones? What do you use them for? Come vote in our poll to tell us what kind of mobile phone you use.

Picture compliments of Steve Tucker, who blogs at, many times from his smartphone.

Kayla’s Farm Life Lesson #1: Good Equipment

In case you have only recently joined us, let me introduce you to AGCO’s Blog Contest winner: Kayla Ferris. Her “farm life lessons” resonated with so many people and since her blog entry was so popular, we asked her to guest blog for us occasionally.  Kayla and her husband found the AGCO Blog while searching for information on a Sunflower soil finisher. Her next lesson is maybe something that a lot of you have experienced as well.

Farm Life Lesson 1: Good Equipment is worth the extra mile

It was how I found the AGCO blog in the first place.  My husband had been searching for a Sunflower soil finisher (a product of AGCO) for months.  Maybe even a couple of years.  It appeared finding a used one which someone was willing to sale was quite a challenge.
That is, until last week.  Farmer Husband finally found the Sunflower soil finisher for which he had been searching.  The only problem was it was 5 states away.  And when you live in Texas, 5 states in any direction is a long ways.  So the boys talked it over.  I can tell you two things.
#1. We are the proud owners of a Sunflower soil finisher.
#2. 1500 miles, 750 of them pulling a wide, heavy load, and only driving 40 mph, covering the back roads of 5 states and 500 gas stations (or something close to that!)… makes for a VERY long trip.
Apparently good equipment is worth the extra mile.

Who out there thinks they have traveled the furthest to pick up their beloved AGCO equipment?

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