Kayla’s Farm Life Lesson #6: A Time for Rest

Once again, in case this is your first visit to the AGCO blog, it is my pleasure to introduce you to AGCO’s Blog Contest winner: Kayla Ferris from Texas USA.  Her “farm life lessons” have been very popular so we asked her to guest blog for us occasionally.  You can check out her latest life lesson below:

Farm Life Lesson 6:  A Time for Rest

I was working on stuffing in the last box of decorations into the closet.  The Christmas gifts had been unwrapped, the stockings un-stuffed, and the tree un-decorated.  I leaned against the door, willing it closed for another year.  And ever so slowly I sank down to the floor.  It had been a wonderful Christmas…but I was exhausted.  I really do love the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  I love all the fun activities and family gatherings, but come January, I am ready for a break!

You know…it reminds me of our fields.  All summer long those fields work at growing our crops.  Then comes the busy fall harvest and the field work that prepares the soil bed for next year’s crop.  But oh, the winter!  That is when our fields get their much needed rest.  It is a time for the natural break down to take place.  Last years stalks decompose, adding nutrients to the soil.  The winter snows collect and melt, building a water profile and adding nitrogen.  The dirt clods soften up, getting the soil composition just right for spring planting.  This time of rest is vital to next year’s crop.  My grandpa was a dry land farmer.  Field rest is so important with dry land farming. Grandpa discovered early in his career that by setting up a crop rotation, he was able to increase his yield, sometimes double.  Those fields needed a break!

I believe in working hard.  In fact, I love working hard.  But sometimes, a little rest is called for.  Appropriate even.  Maybe it even makes us more productive.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to grab my mug of hot chocolate and my garden seed catalog.  I’m thinking I could use a little break.

What do you do to take a break in the “off” season?

6 Responses to “Kayla’s Farm Life Lesson #6: A Time for Rest”

  • Anonymous:

    I’m a corn farmer on dry land and we do rest lands.We only plant 66% of our land each year and let 33% rest in a rotation base.We let nothing grow on the land not even weats.We keep it clean with roundup.

  • Linda:

    Because it’s hard to get away during the summer, we’ve begun taking our “summer” vacations over Christmas break. It’s good family time together, and other than watching the weather, it’s fun to go somewhere warmer than Minnesota. Even 30 degrees in midwinter is a respite for us. My husband and I have also planned a cruise in March just for us. We have loving grandparents who will stay with our kids for a week, so we can take a break and enjoy some sunshine. It’s not just the getaway that has us excited, but the planning itself. I realize these are big breaks, and if we aren’t able to do them, even a weekend at a hotel with the family gets us out of the office and rejuvenated… and ready to get back to work.

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