Valtra Tractors in Forestry

As you can imagine in the wooded regions like Scandinavia and the Nordics of northern Europe, tree ‘farming’ is big business. Valtra tractors are particularly “unbeatable in the forest.”

“The challenges posed by forestry work and the required product solutions have been kept in mind during the design process of every Valtra tractor model. Forest cab, TwinTrac reverse drive control, narrow mudguards, cross-ply forestry tyres with valve covers, Xenon lights and clean bottom make Valtra ideal for both harvesting and transporting timber, but also for chipping, mulching, forwarding and other forestry operations.

Valtra specific options for forest use:

  • Super visibility and safety with the optional forest cab with glass roof and protective bars
  • Good ergonomics and excellent usability with the TwinTrac reverse drive control or just throttle pedal at the back of cabin offer. The driver’s seat rotates 180 degrees in every model
  • Impressive ground clearance, “clean” bottom of the tractor body, low centre of gravity
  • Good weight distribution, good stability and good grip for front wheels
  • Ground speed PTO option
  • Narrow mudguards, forestry tyres and extra lights as accessory
  • Centre frame serves as fuel tank in T and A Series. Steel fuel tank available for the N Series” Source: Forest use

What type of specialty work do you use your tractor for?

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