PrecisionAg Institute

AGCO’s Advanced Technology Solutions group provides specific solutions for satellite-based steering, data collection, yield-mapping and other capabilities as well as more comprehensive solutions for precision farming.

AGCO has shared our passion for precision farming and is a founding partner of the PrecisionAg Institute, an independent forum devoted to the sharing of precision agriculture practices, ideas, research, products, services and success stories. The Institute’s mission is to foster technology transfer, wider adoption and increasingly effective use of precision agriculture technology worldwide.

Through advocacy, education and research, the Institute intends to advance precision technology and its efficiency, stewardship and profitability on farms around the world through a variety of integrated media offerings:

* Grower research
* PrecisionAg eNews
* PrecisionAg Award of Excellence
* PrecisionAg Live Forums and Events
* Educational promotion
Source: PrecisionAg Works

How are you using precision farming on your operation?

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