Operator of the Year Winner Announced

Congratulations to Mike Pluimer of Ceres Solution in Templeton, Indiana, USA for being named the 2010 AGCO Operator of the Year.

Mike is a 20-year veteran of the application business and covers a staggering 68,000-acres a year. While those numbers are impressive, it’s the commitment to excellence that Mike brings to the job each day that has earned him trust and respect among his colleagues and customers. The announcement was made at the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) Conference and Exposition in Palm Springs, California, USA on Dec. 1.

Mike looked good sitting atop his new Harley-Davidson motorcycle which was awarded to him as the winner of the 2010 AGCO Application Equipment Operator of the Year award.

Operator of the Year was established by AGCO‘s Application Equipment group in North America five years ago to recognize the outstanding achievements and professionalism of the agriculture industry’s premier custom applicators. Agri-retailers from across the country submitted some of their best custom applicators.

Who should be nominated next year for Operator of the Year 2011?

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