Kayla’s Farm Life Lesson #11 Best Gifts

You probably remember AGCO’s Blog Contest winner, Kayla Ferris. Her “farm life lessons” resonated with so many people and since her blog entry was so popular, we asked her to guest blog for us occasionally. Below is her next life lesson from the farm, which is perfect during this season of gift giving.

Farmers are notorious for seeing beauty in small things. Not many people would see much looking at a big field of dirt and a little bitty seed. But a farmer can take that small seed and empty field of dirt and see a bountiful harvest waiting to be planted. I hope you enjoy Kalya’s farm life lesson #11 and come back to hear more from her in the future.

Farm Life Lesson #11: The Best Gifts are Beyond Price

Never will there be another woman quite as strong or as sweet as my Great Grandma Pope. She raised 6 children, and did so during some tough times. My own memories of her are scattered bits and pieces. Some of the stories were simply ones told to me. Like the way she made clothes for her family, and then used the scraps to make quilts. Or how she told my mother to read us nursery rhymes because it would make us smart.

But my favorite memory of Grandma Pope was of a Christmas a long time ago. I was probably around 8 years old. Grandma was much older. She was no longer able to drive herself, which made it difficult to buy Christmas presents for everyone. Instead, she found items around her house to give away. It was always a surprise to see what she came up with. One of my cousins once got a pair of her panty hose!

On this particular Christmas, after the presents had been opened and everyone was cleaning up, she asked me to come with her into the other room. Once there, she put her hand into her pocket and mentioned that she had something a little extra she wanted me to have. She opened her hand and sitting inside was a small ring. My eyes opened wide. To the average person, it was a piece of tarnished metal, with an old and faded gemstone setting. To me, it was so much more.

To this day, I have no idea why she pulled me aside. I do know this. That Christmas, she gave me the most precious gift I have ever received. With a small, old ring, she made this little girl feel special…cherished…even beautiful. Those are gifts I will carry with me my entire life. Try putting a price tag on that.

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What are some of the small things you find beauty in?

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