Kayla’s Farm Life Lesson #10

AGCO’s Blog Contest winner, Kayla Ferris touched many people with her “farm life lessons.” Since her blog entry was so popular, we asked her to guest blog for us occasionally. Here is her next life lesson from the farm. Reading this post reminded me of learning to ride my bike on our dirt roads on our family farm; a difficult task if I may say so. I remember a couple of times I even ran into a couple of apple trees. I hope you enjoy Kalya’s farm life lesson #10 and come back to hear more from Kayla in the future.

Farm Life Lesson #10: I’m thankful for dirt roads

My parents live out on the family farm. The drive out to their homestead includes two miles of dirt road. Do I ever love that road.

There is something about a dirt road that is special. Maybe it is the solitude. There are rarely any vehicles and the quiet is soft and sweet. Or maybe it is the ruggedness. It brings your mind back to simpler times, when the pace of life was a little less hectic.

When I was little, Daddy would take us on our bikes “around the block.” Our block was 6 miles around. We would take up the entire dirt road, racing each other, or riding side by side laughing and talking. Other times, I would take walks out in that dirt, relishing the quiet moments.

This Thanksgiving, after lunch, my sister and I decided we needed to walk off some of that turkey. We headed down the dirt road. We talked…and talked. We had so much catching up to do. And when we looked up, we had walked 4 miles of dirt road. I called my Farmer husband for a ride back, and he came with our 4 year old daughter. Turns out, she wanted to walk with the big girls. So we kept going. Sis and I showed her how to pick up nails on the way, to keep people from getting flat tires. Just like our Daddy had shown us years ago. We laughed, we talked, and we walked. Once again, we were making memories in that dirt.

I suppose every life is like a journey. We all travel by different means and on different paths. And I am so very thankful that my life path includes a dirt road.

What memories do you have on an old dirt road?

One Response to “Kayla’s Farm Life Lesson #10”

  • Dave Berning:

    I do miss the country life after reading this article. Thanks for sharing and some day I shall return to the country

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