ABS – For The Highest Level of Braking Safety

The safety of the operator has the highest priority at Fendt. That is why the 900 Vario now has the anti-lock braking system ABS. It guarantees better steerability and control of the tractor on wet and dry roads, even when braking sharply. On unpaved roads – for example, gravel or snow – the 900 Vario with ABS brakes reliably without the wheels locking. Check out the video below to see some testing. The video is in German, but the visuals speak to every language.

What do you think about the ABS on the Fendt 900 Vario?

One Response to “ABS – For The Highest Level of Braking Safety”

  • Anonymous:

    It's a necessity with the higher travel speeds that these tractors are capable of and they're catching up on JCB's Fastrac which installed ABS on its tractor a number of years ago!