Yeo Valley Massey Ferguson Farmers Campaign to Make Rap #1

Remember the Yeo Valley rapping farmers? Their story isn’t over yet… now they are on their way to become the No. 1 Christmas spot in the UK.  Massey Ferguson tractor drives their single to hopefully new levels on the London music charts.

[Yesterday], a group of farmers has travelled from Somerset to London to campaign to make the Yeo Valley rap a challenger to the number one single slot in the UK.

The track has appeared within the top 30 singles in the iTunes download chart.

Farmers from the real-life Yeo Valley farm made the journey to London to deliver the track in a Massey Ferguson tractor (as seen in the ad), to a host of radio stations and then perform and sample their products in London’s Leicester Square.

The advert has created such a stir that even BBC Radio 1 DJ and new music champion, Zane Lowe, leant his support with a tweet stating: “Must be intimidating for the X Factor finalists to have to compete with the infinitely better Yeo Valley crew each week”.

A spokesperson from Yeo Valley said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the advert and demand for us to release the track as a single. Our farmers and fans wanted to bring a bit of the Somerset to the big smoke, and with lyrics such as “Rollin’ in my Massey on a summer’s day” and “big up your chest represent the West”, what better way than to bring a tractor to the capital.”

To date, the advert has been viewed over 1 million times on the official YeoTube channel has ( and generated 38,000 Tweets. The ad will continue to appear exclusively in The X Factor across ITV1 and ITV2 until 12th December. Download the track at The ringtone version of the rap can also be downloaded from” Source: Massey Ferguson – Yeo Valley Rapping Farmers Campaign to Make Rap Number One

Do you think the Yeo Valley Boyz will be the No. 1 Christmas spot in the UK?

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