Gleaner Super Series Episode 6 Video

We are please to bring you the final installment from the 2010 harvest of our web video series following the new Gleaner Super Seven. In this sixth episode, we’ll examine some of the falsehoods that surroud transverse combines and provide the truth about this truly innovative and unique design.

We hope all of you have enjoyed the films, photos and discussion. As next harvest approaches, make sure you’ve talked with your Gleaner dealer about seeing the Super Series in a field near you. Until then, we’ll keep you updated as our activities and upcoming plans.

If these films have peaked your interest in possibly replacing your current machine, now is the time to talk with your Gleaner dealer. Orders placed before December 31st 2010 will get the very best deals we’ll offer this year. Gleaner is available in North America, Australia, and Argentina.

If you want to catch up on any of the episodes, photos or discussions you can view them by visiting

Did you ask for a Gleaner Super Series combine for Christmas?

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