AGCO Supports Ag Learning

AGCO has recently loaned a Challenger MT765C tractor for use in classroom, research and extension activities to the agricultural and biosystems engineering program at Iowa State University.
The growth in AGCO support over the past few years has made a tremendous impact on our students. The AGCO scholarships not only offer financial support to our undergraduate students, but they also provide an opportunity for our students to learn about career opportunities that exist within AGCO,” said Ramesh Kanwar, department chair.

Support for graduate research provides funding for graduate students to pursue advanced degrees and for AGCO to benefit from the expertise within the advanced machinery engineering group at ISU according to Brian Steward, associate professor in agricultural and biosystems engineering. “Today’s agricultural vehicles are a blend of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic systems. Our graduate students perform research and learn how to interact with these highly integrated systems. Such research results in next generation technologies to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability,” he said.

The MT765C features an engine producing 320 horsepower, a one-touch management system for operator functions and an electronic system that allows the tractor to communicate with a variety of standardized implements. The tractor will provide a technology platform for several courses including auto-steering and precision agriculture activities within the agricultural systems technology program and the electronic integration courses offered to agricultural engineering students.

The MT765C will also help support the production scale cellulosic biomass feedstock collection work that ISU ag engineers conduct at the ISU BioCentury Research Farm. ” Source: Iowa State University – College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

What are your communities doing to support ag education?

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