A Story of Love and Loyalty to the Brand

An extra special touch was added to the Rinaldo’s wedding day in Monte Mor, Brazil on September 11, 2010. The bride’s cousin had an unexpected idea and decided to place a miniature Massey Ferguson tractor with the wedding cake toppers. The result of this curious event is now part of Murilo Antonio de Souza Rinaldo’s and Milena Braga Pereira Braz Rinaldo’s love story forever. This is also an outstanding moment in the tractor factory’s 49 years of operation in Brazil. The surprise made by the cousin to the bride and groom celebrates the couple’s affinity with the brand and the beginning of a new phase in their lives.

Working as an agricultural engineer, used to the life in the crops, Murilo and his family have been loyal customers of the brand for more than 45 years. The wedding ceremony was a huge success. The groom wanted to show his heartfelt appreciation for Massey Ferguson. “We have been working with Massey Ferguson tractors since the time my grandfather, who is now 98 years old, took care of our business. We grow soybean, potato, and edible beans, and we strongly trust these red machines,” describes the newlywed. The miniature on the cake, according to Murilo, was another thoughtful detail that made the wedding an unforgettable event in their lives. As a Massey Ferguson tractor customer, the agricultural engineer is already planning to buy a Massey combine too. “We know the tractors very well and now we intend to buy a combine, too,” he says. Congratulations to the Rinaldo’s!

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  • AGCO:

    Thanks for adding all your comments to the AGCO Facebook page, any other stories. We could do a followup Blog post?!

    Aline: My friend Deise, who works with me here in Brazil, used a tractor MF on her cake table! hehehe

    Katie: my husband and I used 5 MF pedal tractors as our grand march, the guys rode them while the girls pushed them around

    Christopher: My brother-in-law and his bride rode in the bucket of a 583 from their reception to their house, headed on their honeymoon. Priceless

    Anna: I'm a third generation Oliver nut that just got married to a guy obsessed with that darn red stuff… We had an Oliver pedal tractor 'hitched' to my husband's IH pedal tractor in front of our head tables. In the back of the reception hall we also had Oliver and IH lawn mowers 'hitched' together as well!

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