The History of Valtra Tractors

Today’s Valtra tractors represent the culmination of two traditions: Finland’s Valmet and Sweden’s Volvo BM, itself an offshoot from Munktell. The roots of both Valtra and Volvo go back to Eskilstuna Mekaniska Werkstad, founded by Theofron Munktell in 1832.

From a very modest beginning, Valtra has proudly to grown into an internationally recognized brand. Valtra’s pedigree is based on hard work and perseverance plus a degree of originality and audacity.

Valtra is the leading tractor manufacturer in the Nordic countries and the second most popular brand in South America. Valtra tractors are individually built according to the customer’s requirements. They are renowned for their quality and reliability, and also sold in North America, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

View a  presentation that gives you a complete overview of Valtra’s history, from the company roots in Sweden and Finland to the present day. Here you can view the Valtra history presentation (requires flash).

What do you love about your Valtra?

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