Rapping Farmers: the Official Video

Do you remember the post two weeks ago about the rapping farmers? Well here is the official video. I personally find it amazing and have watched it about 5 times already. I can even sing along now “Yeo Valley! Yeo Valley!” It’s a must-see and I know that you’ll enjoy it.

What better way is there to express your passion for something than with music, especially in the form of a rap? Shot on location in Somerset, the Yeo Valley farmers “cooked a rap video” rapping not about their bling, girls and fast cars but instead their cows, tractors and wax jackets — matters a little bit closer to home. The Yeo Valley way of life is about living in harmony Source: Yeotube

They may have had a professional crew produce their video, but share with us your best farming/ag video. Send us your YouTube link and we’ll post them to the AGCO Facebook fan page for all to see!

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