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The History of Valtra Tractors

Today’s Valtra tractors represent the culmination of two traditions: Finland’s Valmet and Sweden’s Volvo BM, itself an offshoot from Munktell. The roots of both Valtra and Volvo go back to Eskilstuna Mekaniska Werkstad, founded by Theofron Munktell in 1832.

From a very modest beginning, Valtra has proudly to grown into an internationally recognized brand. Valtra’s pedigree is based on hard work and perseverance plus a degree of originality and audacity.

Valtra is the leading tractor manufacturer in the Nordic countries and the second most popular brand in South America. Valtra tractors are individually built according to the customer’s requirements. They are renowned for their quality and reliability, and also sold in North America, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

View a  presentation that gives you a complete overview of Valtra’s history, from the company roots in Sweden and Finland to the present day. Here you can view the Valtra history presentation (requires flash).

What do you love about your Valtra?

Farmer Celebrates 40th Harvest With Same Combine

Recently, Bernd Osbahr from Rajensdorf, Schleswig-Holstein (Northern Germany) celebrated the 40th harvest with his trusty Massey Ferguson 186 combine harvester. The Osbahr’s are part-time farmers and harvest 30 hectares of wheat every year with the same combine. They share the secret of the machine’s longevity due to a combination of excellent dealer support, using genuine AGCO Parts and regular servicing.

After 40 years the MF 186 is performing as well as it did when new. “So far, there have been no claimable incidents, due to the good quality of the MF machine from the start!” says Mr Osbahr. “Father always took good care of it, checked the oil regularly, greased it, blew it through properly and after finishing the harvest he went over it with a cloth before putting it in the shed.”

The family is now ‘aiming for Gold’ with the next milestone anniversary of 50 harvests with this same machine!

How many years have you harvested with your combine?

New Fendt 939 Vario Tractor

Currently available in Germany, the Fendt 900 Vario is the “executive” on the tractor market. As the most powerful standard tractor with a maximum output of 390 hp, it delivers power and performance like no other, and intelligently converts it into pure efficiency. With powerful leading qualities, the new 900 Vario is the top contender for an executive position in your farming business.

Lean more about the Fendt 939 Vario (in German).

AGCO’s vision statement is “High–tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world.” 
What is your ‘executive’ tractor’s vision for your farming operation? 

2500 Ways to Grow Farm Communities

Check out the cool video below by the Monsanto Fund that demonstrates compelling facts about Rural America. Find out also what kind of impact $2,500 could have on your local community.

The America’s Farmers Grow Communities Project is a program sponsored by the Monsanto Fund to support local farming communities. The program allows farmers to register to win $2,500 for their favorite community charity. It only takes about two minutes to apply for those farmers residing in one of 1,204 eligible counties in 38 states.

For every farmer who applies, Monsanto will donate $1 to their local United Way to help food banks, food pantries, Meals On Wheels and other charitable organizations dealing with hunger in their respective county. Source: Monsanto ~ America’s Farmers Grow Communities Project Overview

Are there any programs like this in your country/region? How would your community put the $2,500 to work?

From Yeo Valley to High Valley, Massey is on a Roll!

If you saw the rapping farmers video we featured on the blog last week, you are probably still buzzing about it. Here’s another great music video starring a Massey Ferguson combine. These videos are both telling a story of a farm and promoting agriculture. Watching them you feel a personal connection to those telling the story. They make farming real and personal.

Consumers are looking for this same kind of connection. People want to know where their food comes from, how crops are raised and how animals are cared for. If you are part of agriculture, you have a story you could tell. While you’re at it, why not enter the AGCO Blog contest, “Articulating Agriculture” to get your story published on the AGCO Blog, and for a chance to win an Apple iPad.
High Valley – On The Combine (Official Music Video) from High Valley on Vimeo.

What was your favorite memory on a combine?

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