From Yeo Valley to High Valley, Massey is on a Roll!

If you saw the rapping farmers video we featured on the blog last week, you are probably still buzzing about it. Here’s another great music video starring a Massey Ferguson combine. These videos are both telling a story of a farm and promoting agriculture. Watching them you feel a personal connection to those telling the story. They make farming real and personal.

Consumers are looking for this same kind of connection. People want to know where their food comes from, how crops are raised and how animals are cared for. If you are part of agriculture, you have a story you could tell. While you’re at it, why not enter the AGCO Blog contest, “Articulating Agriculture” to get your story published on the AGCO Blog, and for a chance to win an Apple iPad.
High Valley – On The Combine (Official Music Video) from High Valley on Vimeo.

What was your favorite memory on a combine?

One Response to “From Yeo Valley to High Valley, Massey is on a Roll!”

  • joannieg:

    I have lots of memories of my Dad's Gleaner. My seat was a toolbox right inside the door…he's still got the same combine, but my butt doesn't fit that seat anymore! Also, my only broken bone was a broken arm that happened on that combine…so to all farm kids and farm parents, SAFETY FIRST! 🙂