Fendt Hosts German Tractor Championship

The German Tractor Driving Championships was held for the third time at the Mecklenburg MeLa agricultural exhibition in mid-September. As in the previous years, the competitors had to demonstrate their skills and precision. After all, the course with the five stations had to be completed with as few errors as possible.

For the Tractor Championships 2010, the team from the Fendt sales region Northern Germany together with the Fendt dealership Marep and the weekly newspaper, Bauernzeitung, once again put together some very tricky challenges. The course included a rocker, mogul piste, goal wall and other demanding stations which the 35 competitors from six states had to master. The exciting finale was held in the big ring on the exhibition grounds in front of some 2,000 spectators. At the end Marec Henze, master carpenter from Saxony-Anhalt, had racked up the most points and was the happy winner of the championship title. Thirty-five competitors from six states took part in the tractor championships.

What kind of tractor championships do you have in your area?

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