Farmer Celebrates 40th Harvest With Same Combine

Recently, Bernd Osbahr from Rajensdorf, Schleswig-Holstein (Northern Germany) celebrated the 40th harvest with his trusty Massey Ferguson 186 combine harvester. The Osbahr’s are part-time farmers and harvest 30 hectares of wheat every year with the same combine. They share the secret of the machine’s longevity due to a combination of excellent dealer support, using genuine AGCO Parts and regular servicing.

After 40 years the MF 186 is performing as well as it did when new. “So far, there have been no claimable incidents, due to the good quality of the MF machine from the start!” says Mr Osbahr. “Father always took good care of it, checked the oil regularly, greased it, blew it through properly and after finishing the harvest he went over it with a cloth before putting it in the shed.”

The family is now ‘aiming for Gold’ with the next milestone anniversary of 50 harvests with this same machine!

How many years have you harvested with your combine?

5 Responses to “Farmer Celebrates 40th Harvest With Same Combine”

  • Anonymous:

    Very good Massey Ferguson 186

  • Anonymous:

    Yes very good but they have a problem in the variable speed hubs and shafts.



  • Anonymous:

    what problem with the variable speed hubs? I had no problems.

  • coops:

    Hi I think its great to see your 40th harvest with the same combine. Can you help me please. I have a 40 year old Radiator that is still with its original wooden case. The codes are IH787605 R92/RMF828-4/69 I belive its an international part for a massey ferguson combine however I'm finding it difficult to confirm. Thanks

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