Roll-Over Protective Structures

Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra tractors are equipped with Roll-Over Protective Structures, or “ROPS”. However, in some compact and utility tractors, the ROPS is foldable. We would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone to operate their tractor with the ROPS in the upright position whenever possible and to always wear your seat belt. Having these two devices in place is recommended in the event your tractor ever rolls over.
Tractor rollovers account for 50% of tractor related fatalities in the United States. Distracted operators, speed, and rough or uneven ground are leading causes of tractor rollover. Rollover protective structures (ROPS ) became available for tractors in the mid 1960’s and were not available for all new tractors until the mid-70’s. However, they were not standard equipment on new tractors until 1985. Many tractors built before that time are still in use and they contribute to the tractor fatality rate because they are not ROPS and seat belt equipped. Use of ROPS and seatbelt are 99.9% effective in preventing deaths due to tractor overturns.” Source: National Ag Safety Database – Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS)

The photo on the left shows a ROPS in the correct, upright position. The photo on the right shows the ROPS folded down.

Do you review safety information like this with everyone on your farm? How often do you do it?

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