Rapping Farmers

According to Farmer’s Guardian, “four farmers from the West County [UK] are to appear on prime time TV with their own rap song” about a Massey Ferguson tractor and organic dairy farming as a part of an ad campaign.

“The ad, which will feature in the break during the X Factor on October 9, was directed by Julien Lutz who is better known as a music video director working with for Nelly Furtado, Sean Paul, Alicia Keys, Nelly and Christina Aguilera.

It will mark Yeo Valley’s first TV ad and sees the four farmers wax lyrical on West Country farming.

With lines such as ‘Yo I’m rolling in my Massey on a summer’s day, Chugging cold milk while I’m bailing hay’ it’s not likely to catch the attention of Simon Cowell but could, the firm hopes, be a hook to draw in a younger audience.” Source: Move over Jay-Z – rapping farmers have the X factor | News | Farmers Guardian

Have you ever written a song about your tractor? Share it here or send us a link to your video on YouTube!

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