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Archive for September, 2010

What is RSS?

Have you ever seen this orange symbol to the right and wondered what it meant? It is an indication that the website you are on has an RSS feed. But what exactly is an RSS feed?

Want to stay informed, but don’t want your inbox flooded with email? The solution has arrived: RSS Feeds !

RSS Feeds are a digital format for delivering regularly changing web content directly to users. RSS, or ‘Really Simple Syndication’, is a XML-based file format used by website authors to summarize website content into a file can be easily shared with others. Think of it as a digital newspaper subscription that updates itself with all the latest articles as soon as they are published. All you have to do, is tune in.

RSS feeds can be created for an entire website, or multiple RSS feeds can be created for each section of a website.” Source: Strategic Procurement Services – RSS Feed

For example, every time we publish a new blog post it would notify you in your feed reader and you can actually read and access the article right from your feed reader.

If you have any Google account login, you already have a feed reader, you just may not know it. I personally use Google Reader to keep track of hundreds of agricultural websites to stay current on ag industry news and issues.

So sign up for your automatic feed by clicking the orange symbol at the bottom left of this webpage.

It’s YOUR Choice!

Come vote for your favorite Massey Ferguson or Challenger tractor for Iron Search’s “Producer’s Choice Award”.
“Equipment is the second largest capital investment in a producer’s operation. At IRON Search, we realize you need a reliable machine for your operations and why not recognize that machine for a job well done! The first annual IRON Search® Producers’ Choice Award gives you — hard-working producers and tractor enthusiasts — with a platform to express your opinion on your favorite machine. The IRON Search® Producers’ Choice Award will honor producers’ favorite tractor model. The nominees for this award are the top 25 models searched for on IRONsearch.com this year. This is the only major award presented in the industry where real people like you determine the winners.

So here’s your chance – We are empowering you to vote on your favorite tractor model with the IRON Search® Producers’ Choice Award. ” Source: IRON Search® Producer’s Choice Award

So vote now and vote often!
(Unless of course you are voting for another brand.)

Fendt Katana 65 Forage Harvester

Fendt Germany introduced their new Katana 65 forage harvester at Fendt Field Days last week.

““For a leading global agricultural equipment manufacturer and the premium brand Fendt it is a must to offer all key machines in the product portfolio. With the Fendt Katana 65, we have taken the last big step towards becoming a full-liner,” said Peter-Josef Paffen, Vice President & Managing Director, Fendt.

“For these reasons, the AGCO decided to develop a forage harvester a few years ago and is employing the development expertise of the Marktoberdorf location for this completely new development. The newly formed forage harvester team used the existing development expertise from the tractor division at Fendt intensively. The experienced engineers in the forage harvester development team received support from the professionals in tractor development, for the hydraulics, electronics, engine and cab. This led to new ideas and enabled completely new approaches in the development of the Fendt Katana 65 forage harvester. The name Katana, which our engineers have chosen for the new product, signifies how high the aims for this development are. A katana is a Japanese samurai sword and stands for high performance, sharpness and precision.” View the whole press release at this source: Press | Press releases – AGCO GmbH

This is a very exciting addition to the Fendt lineup. Did you see it in action at Fendt Field Days?

Fendt Field Days a Success

While we in North America were at Farm Progress Show last week, Fendt Germany was busy with their famous “Fendt Field Days” in Wadenbrunn, Germany. The legendary celebration welcomed more than 50,000 visitors and shared exciting new technologies from the Marktoberdorf-based plant.

Shown in operation are more than 100 Fendt tractors and Fendt harvesting machines from 100 to 650 hp as well as 130 other implements. However, the stars of the show were the introduction of the new 939 Vario with 390 horsepower and the long-awaited Fendt Kantana 65 forage harvester. I’ll share more about the forage harvester in tomorrows blog post so stay tuned!

It’s a Wrap from Farm Progress Show 2010!

The Farm Progress Show was a success! Despite the rainy weather, minor flooding and muddy conditions, everyone still came out and had a great time. If you missed the show, you missed a lot. But no worries…we have you covered! You can check out videos from AGCO on our Farm Progress Show playlist on YouTube.

We also visited “Big Bud”, the largest operating tractor in the world, weighing in at 65 tons, standing tall at 14 feet and 28 1/2 feet long. Big Bud boasts a modern-day rating of 1000 horsepower and was produced in 1977-1978. It was huge! Just to give some perspective, the signs in the photo to the right stand just about 5’5″ tall-my height!

AGCO had our first live AGCO Chat from a show with Kevin Bien on the new S Series Gleaner combines. You can view it (not so live) on Ustream.
There was tons more at the show that I just can’t even describe to you, but I had a blast! All in all, I think it was quite successful for my first show.
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