Massey Ferguson Tractor Advisor

Buying your first tractor and don’t know what to do at the dealership? Massey Ferguson has developed to help out first-time buyers and make it easier than ever to pick the right tractor for your lifestyle. At, first-time customers can feel confidant in their purchase and multiple-time buyers find yet another resource from their trusted Massey Ferguson brand.

The interactive website does not just stop at helping you choose the best tractor for your specific lifestyle. It guides you through the entire purchasing process from preparing you with common tractor jargon, specific questions to ask a dealer when buying, a checklist for your test drive, and even post-purchase care. Thus, making it an ultimate resource for even the most rural lifestyler.

What other tips do you have for first-time buyers?

2 Responses to “Massey Ferguson Tractor Advisor”

  • Cris_S:

    There's a wrong link on the image… (inside the text, everything's ok). "complimenti" for TractorAdvisor! Well done!

  • Lisa and Howard:

    The best tip is buy a good tractor from a good mfg. from your nearest dealer. Dont get hung up in price,you have to live with your tractor for a long time so make it a good one,buy Massey Ferguson and sleep well at night!

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