How Safe is Your Farm?

Farm safety has been on your mind and ours, especially since this week is Farm Safety and Health week. Now that it is coming to a close, here is a great online safety assessment from Nationwide Agribusiness. The quiz is very robust and rates your farm’s safety while offering you tips and advice and also applauding a job well done.

Sound farm safety practices can save lives and hassles, and will save you money in medical, repair, and insurance costs. Want to know how safe your farm or ranch operation is today? Take this quick safety quiz!

The farm safety tool highlights common hazards around your farm, ranch, or acreage and provides suggestions for ways to improve your working and living conditions.

There are 16 questions, and some of the questions will ask one or more sub-questions. For each question, you’ll receive a numerical score. At the end of the farm safety quiz, you’ll get a total score and find out the safety level of your farm.” Source: farm safety, farm safety tips | Nationwide Agribusiness Farm Safety Quiz

Take the quiz now. How safe is your farm? What is your score?

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