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e3: energy, economy, ecology

Want to know about AGCO’s e3 emmissions/SCR technology? You can view the e3 website, see previous posts, and see what Ring Power Corporation blogged about:
The e3 system is AGCO’s brand for selective catalytic reduction or SCR. AGCO introduced e3 before the 2011 Tier 4 regulation, because there was a market demand for powerful and fuel-efficient agricultural tractors. The exhaust gas recirculation or EGR option will remain until 2011, at which time it will no longer be in compliance, and production will end.

Energy: Since e3 equipped engines deal with the regulated pollutants after the exhaust gas has left the engine, these engines create more power. This is after-treatment.

Economy: When e3 was introduced, AGCO and Challenger Tractor advertised up to 15% savings versus competitive (tier 3, EGR) engines. In fact, testing was completed at the Nebraska Test Lab and the results (made public in December of 2009) showed that e3-equipped tractors save up to 17% over comparable tractors.

Ecology: In current Tier 3 products, e3 reduces particulate matter by up to 70% and brings the NOx emissions to near Tier 4 interim levels.

► e3 is AGCO’s brand of SCR or Selective Catalytic Reduction
► Energy: After-Treatment for Exhaust Emissions
► Economy: Up to 17% Fuel Savings
► Ecology: 70% Fewer Particulate Matter” Source: What is e3 and how will it reduce your farm tractor’s emissions?

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